Country for PR: China
Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Wednesday, February 26 2020 - 21:36
Embarking on a New Journey, the Construction of the Venues for the World University Games Kicked into High Gear
CHENGDU, China, Feb. 26, 2020 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

The 31st Summer World University Games Chengdu 2021 is the first world-level 
multi-sport event to be held in Chengdu, as well as in the whole region of 
Western China. To get to know about Chengdu, please visit

After the national holiday of the Spring Festival, the construction of the 
venues for the Chengdu World University Games has been resumed orderly as 
scheduled. According to the Organizing Committee of the 31st FISU Summer World 
University Games Chengdu, there are altogether 49 stadiums and gymnasiums to be 
built or renovated by April 2021. The 12 newly-built ones include Dong'an Lake 
Sports Park, Fenghuang Mountain Sports Park, Gaoxin Sports Park, Xiangcheng 
Sports Center, Jianyang Cultural and Sports Center, Wenjiang CBA Competition 
Center and stadiums in Longquan High school and Polus International College and 
so on. The 37 renovated ones include Chengbei Gymnasium, Chengdu Shooting and 
Archery Management Center, China Modern Pentathlon Center, Shuangliu Sports 
Center, and Pidu Sports Center, etc. These brilliant construction projects can 
add glamour to the World University Games as well as to Chengdu, a future 
"World Competition City". After the short break of the Spring Festival, the 
construction work re-started, shifting to the "fast-lane" and kicking into high 

Aiming at building Chengdu as "the World Famous Competition City", the Chengdu 
Administration of Sports, as well as exploring the development path through 
in-depth discussion, also commissioned a specialized agency to draft the Plan 
for Building Chengdu as the World Famous Competition City based on the 
comparative studies of world-renowned competition cities and improved 
the Layout Plan of Public Sports Facilities of Chengdu 
(2016-2035) together with Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural 

The planning principles of the building projects of city sports facilities and 
other public sports facilities are set according to the new development path of 
Chengdu. In building sports facilities, "Three Administrative Levels and Three 
Categories" are involved, which refer to facilities of "municipal, district and 
community levels", belonging to the categories of "competition facilities, 
public exercises facilities and training facilities". With the detailed 
planning, a whole comprehensive sports facilities system will be built that 
caters both to the needs of holding massive sports events and serving for 
public exercises. As a result, the overall level of sports service of Chengdu 
will be increased, and the professional training sites can provide better 
training for competition.

SOURCE: The Organizing Committee of the 31st FISU Summer World University Games