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NO.1 Education App in 12 Countries: Conects Q&A by Global EduTech Group ST Unitas
NEW YORK, March 20, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- Global Edu-Tech group ST Unitas develops an AI-based homework solving app 
- Conects Q&A reaches #1 on education app charts in 12 countries 
- Official Conects Q&A app set to launch globally in April
Conects Q&A, an education app developed by Global EduTech group ST Unitas, has 
taken app stores by storm. Its beta version has topped charts in a dozen 
countries, while its official version is set to launch in April.

According to Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Conects Q&A ranked the most 
popular app in 12 countries, including the US, Canada, England, Australia, 
Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, India and 
South Korea. It was able to achieve such accomplishment even before the launch 
of its official version.

Conects Q&A is an AI-based homework solving service that provides instant 
answers to questions in real-time. Once the student captures and uploads a 
problem or homework, Conects Q&A will provide an answer in less than 5 seconds 
by searching through its database. For additional help, it even provides a 1:1 
chat or 15-second video answers with experts for best answers. It provides 1:1 
voice call consulting service for customized advice from experts.

ST Unitas first stepped into the global market after acquiring The Princeton 
Review, a renowned US education institution, in 2017. It launched the beta 
version of Conects Q&A in early 2019 and went through a series of improvement 
through countless experiments. Conects Q&A was able to achieve such significant 
impressive success within a month of its global beta launch in mid-February 

The company also added that such an impressive feat in English-speaking 
countries, including the United States, was possible thanks to the advanced 
technology of ST Unitas.

ST Unitas founder and CEO David Yoon stated that "Conects Q&A is a knowledge 
platform where the underprivileged 99% receive the same opportunities given to 
only the blessed 1%. At the same time, it is a global EduTech service that 
aligns with ST Unitas' vision to help those in need to study and achieve their 
dreams." He added, "We have very high expectations for the official version 
based on the success of the beta version, including in English-speaking 

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