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Friday, April 03 2020 - 22:14
HUAWEI CLOUD: Fighting COVID-19 with Technology
SHENZHEN, China, April 3, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

HUAWEI CLOUD announced today that they launched a global action plan to help 
customers around the world to fight COVID-19 with cloud and AI services. As 
part of this international action plan against the coronavirus, HUAWEI CLOUD 
will be providing free AI and cloud services and will be recruiting partners 
around the world to help fight this pandemic together.

Deng Tao, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Market, stated, "HUAWEI CLOUD has 
been working with partners in China to use innovative technologies such as 
cloud and AI to fight the pandemic, and has accumulated practical experience 
with AI-assisted CT scan analysis, drug discovery, online education, and 
telecommuting technologies. Now, we are launching this international action 
plan to share our practical experience to the international market. We will 
make every effort to leverage technology to help our customers around the world 
cope with challenges faced in the midst of this crisis." 

In the healthcare domain, HUAWEI CLOUD provides EIHealth free of charge, which 
includes services such as viral genome detection, Antiviral drug in silico 
screening, and AI-assisted CT patient screening service. In the education 
sector, HUAWEI CLOUD works with partners to provide online education services 
for schools and other educational institutions. They are also helping 
enterprises migrate businesses to the cloud to ensure continuous operations 
while the pandemic continues. HUAWEI CLOUD is now offering up to 1,500 hours of 
free cloud resources for each newly registered user, complete with 24/7 
professional support on the HUAWEI CLOUD (international) website. 

HUAWEI CLOUD has also released the Anti-COVID-19 Partner Program, a program 
focused on five main scenarios: remote office, AI support, enterprise 
assistance, smart healthcare, and online education. Partners who participate in 
this program can not only obtain comprehensive business, technological, and 
market support, but will also have the opportunity to obtain free cloud 
resources worth up to USD $30,000.

To join the Global Action Plan for Fighting COVID-19, contact us at 

For more information, please visit: 

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Caption: Deng Tao, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Market, launched the global 
action plan


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   Caption: Deng Tao, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Market, launched the 
global action plan