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Wednesday, April 08 2020 - 13:20
Xinhua Silk Road: Central China city launches online live streaming of peony cultural festival
BEIJING, April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The 38th Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival opened on Monday in Luoyang, central 
China's Henan province. Due to the novel coronavirus 
epidemic(, this year's 
festival has brought flowers online, giving people at home the chance to join 
the crowds at the spot.

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The 38th Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival online live streaming

The event was live streamed for 24 hours starting 10 a.m. on Monday and 
included 24 chapters in 8 sections, showing the beautiful scenery of the 
blossoming flowers in Luoyang, the city's culture and history, natural scenery, 
urban construction and local cuisine as well.

The live streaming was held through studio and live connection. Cameras have 
been set up with lenses turned at the peonies, and viewers can watch the 
flowers bloom in real time. In addition, dozens of reporters went to different 
locations in the city to fully show Luoyang's features and give a live coverage.

Online users can also tune in to live streaming from other scenic spots around 
the city, such as the Longmen Grottoes and Erlitou Site Museum of the Xia 

Poetry recitals were held throughout the day. At night, a light show was live 
streamed with holographic projection and gorgeous lights to present the 
beautiful night scene in the city.

Luoyang held the first peony cultural festival in 1983, a year after the peony 
was named the flower of the city. The city now has various gardens to grow and 
reproduce peonies of 1,200 different kinds, with planting areas topping 220 
square kilometers.

The live streaming of this event has combined webcast, TV broadcast and network 
interaction to fully demonstrate Luoyang's blooming peonies, culture and 
history, economic and social development, increasing the influence of the media 
network for the peony cultural festival and the popularity of Luoyang, 
effectively stimulating tourism consumption and economic investment, and laying 
a foundation for attracting more tourists to Luoyang after the COVID-19 

This live streaming is sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Luoyang 
Municipal Committee, and undertaken by the Luoyang Festival Service Center, 
Luoyang Municipal Cyberspace Office, and Luoyang Radio and Television Station.

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   Caption: The 38th Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival online live streaming