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Monday, May 11 2020 - 21:17
Sinopec Ranks First in Brand Value in China's Energy and Chemical Industry
BEIJING, May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-Asianet/ --

- Sinopec is valued at RMB 299.1 billion, making it the second-most valuable 
brand in China 

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (HKG: 0386, "Sinopec"), China's leading 
energy and chemical company, was named the number one brand in China's energy 
and chemical industry in terms of brand value at China Brand Day 2020, held on 
May 10. 

(Sinopec is valued at RMB 299.1 billion, making first in Brand Value in China’s 
Energy and Chemical Industry.)

(Sinopec Gas Station in Singapore.)


In the valuation of Chinese brands released as part of the day's activities, 
Sinopec's brand value reached RMB 299.1 billion, an increase of RMB 17.3 
billion year-on-year, making it the top brand in China's energy and chemical 
industry and the second most valuable brand in the country. 

The value of Sinopec's sub-brands has also surged. Easy Joy's brand value 
reached RMB 16.1 billion, up by RMB 4.6 billion, while Great Wall Lubricant's 
brand value reached RMB 7.7 billion, up by RMB 600 million. Meanwhile, 
is now valued at RMB 9.8 billion and Sinopec "Donghai" Asphalt at RMB 1.2 

Under the guidance of the State Administration for Market Regulation, China 
Brand Day is jointly organized by the China Council for the Promotion of 
International Trade, China Council for Brand Development, China Appraisal 
Society, and other organizations dedicated to propelling China's transformation 
from manufacturing-led to innovation-driven, from unparalleled speed to 
unsurpassed quality, and from product fabrication to brand creation. The 
seventh China Brand Day, this year saw 830 brands apply for consideration, 
after which they were subject to a rigorous set of criteria. In the end, the 
brand value of 564 brands were announced on China Brand Day, totaling RMB 
7.3563 trillion in value.

For the last 37 years, Sinopec has been committed to forging cleaner energy and 
chemical products through respondible, practical action. Now, it is focused on 
developing its brand and defining its contribution to society. In March of this 
year, Sinopec issued its "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of 
the Sinopec Brand", which clarified, for the first time, its brand concept of 
focusing on the sustainable development of the energy and chemical industry 
through innovation and responsibility, to create better lives and become a 
world-leading, best-in-class brand.

To enhance employee brand awareness and further build up its brand, Sinopec 
also joined hands with the China Association for Quality to launch the "Brand 
Excellence and Effectiveness: 10 Outstanding Brand Marketing Cases" initiative 
to encourage communication and sharing between the company's different 
sub-brands and divisions, in the aim of cultivating a robust and dynamic 
company culture.

With its brand valuation as recognition of its achievements, Sinopec will 
continue to enhance its brand and focus on creating positive impact in society.

About Sinopec 

Sinopec Corp. is one of the largest integrated energy and chemical companies in 
China. Its principal operations include the exploration and production, 
pipeline transportation and sale of petroleum and natural gas; the sale, 
storage and transportation of petroleum products, petrochemical products, coal 
chemical products, synthetic fibre, fertiliser and other chemical products; the 
import and export, including an import and export agency business, of 
petroleum, natural gas, petroleum products, petrochemical and chemical 
products, and other commodities and technologies; and research, development and 
application of technologies and information.

Sinopec sets 'fueling beautiful life' as its corporate mission, puts 'people, 
responsibility, integrity, precision, innovation and win-win' as its corporate 
core values, pursues strategies of value-orientation, innovation-driven 
development, integrated resource allocation, open cooperation, and green and 
low-carbon growth, and strives to achieve its corporate vision of building a 
world leading energy and chemical company.

SOURCE:  Sinopec

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   Caption: Sinopec is valued at RMB 299.1 billion, making first in Brand Value 
in China’s Energy and Chemical Industry.


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