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Aetina x SmartCow: Introduce Medical Assistant for Pandemic Environment Care
TAIPEI,May 28,2020/PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

Healthcare system is the foundation of human being culture, every innovative 
medical research shows its supports and values to continue and expand. The 
world is suffering from COVID-19, AI developers seek a medical assistant to 
maintain the healthcare system. Aetina Corporation, a GPGPU and edge AI 
computing solution provider, and AI solution developer, SmartCow Co. Ltd. 
cooperated building an algorithm with six types of AI models that based on the 
edge computing platform.


Edgar, an AI-powered healthcare assistant built-up with Aetina AN110-NAO 
platform, developed for a safe work environment and patient care. In public, AI 
should build in original equipment or other machines most efficiently, 
AN110-NAO sized perfectly, with 87.4x67.4x46 mm (with fan). Various I/O support 
is an excellent way to build a tight and one single solution. The AN110-NAO 
platform, which is ready for common I/O, includes the I2S slot that brings 
audio out, which is suited for Edgar's application environment, set for warning 
modules. Meanwhile, camera supports are the core visual AI solution. The 
platform supports MIPI CSI-II interface 1x 4k or 2x FHD cameras. Not only 
landed-ready but also fulfill demands from Edgar – high-resolution images bring 
accurate reality recognition.

Edgar supports six types of AI models, like social distance estimation, masks 
detection, and safe sneeze action classification. Among these functions, Edgar 
creates a safe environment in times of medical emergencies, assist the 
front-line medical staff in preventing the respiratory disease. For example, 
one of Edgar's ability is face-mask recognition. It can be set up easily in 
access and provide guidance and direction to mask dispenser machines before 
differentiating the mask-wore to enter the premises. The types of face mask 
covered PPE, N95 and surgical. Another specialty of Edgar is social distancing 
detection; the device could combine with a policy network and keep public 
activity in 6 feet between 2 people.

In the data explosion era, security and privacy is the first concern. Edgar is 
GDPR compliant. Images will be processed and remain on the edge system; no data 
will transfer to the cloud. It is well-prepared for the public and ready to 
assist the market. Besides, Aetina Jetson series serve comprehensive, 
experienced R&D advise and edge AI ecosystem prop for AI development.

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   Caption: Aetina x SmartCow: smart medical assistant for pandemic environment 
care, powered by edge AI computing platform