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Thursday, May 28 2020 - 23:00
WorkJam Launches Next-Generation Health Check Analysis Tool, Advancing the Safety of Frontline Workforces
MONTREAL, May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

-- Industry-leading digital workplace platform introduces new tool to reduce 
the spread of COVID-19 among frontline employees and their customers 

WorkJam ( 
), the leading digital workplace solutions provider for organizations with 
frontline employees, today announced the release of its new, next-generation 
health check analysis tool, enabling employers to reduce the spread of COVID-19 
among frontline employees and their customers while complying with local laws 
and regulations. 

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As businesses around the world prepare to reopen physical stores, the onus is 
on employers to ensure reboarded staff feel safe returning to their workplace. 
Adding another layer of complexity to the situation, companies must comply with 
local laws and regulations, which vary by country, state, and city. To create 
this safe and compliant work environment, employers must have the right 
technology and strategy in place to minimize the risk of exposure to frontline 
employees and customers. 

With WorkJam's health check analysis tool, employers prompt associates and 
leaders of frontline teams to complete a recurring mandatory health check 
survey on their mobile devices, which must be completed in order to clock in to 
a shift. The survey includes a variety of questions selected by the employer to 
ensure associates are healthy to work. The tool also triggers notifications and 
tasks to managers based on specific answers within a survey. Using this survey 
and scheduling data, businesses can minimize the spread of COVID-19 and alert 
staff who may have come into contact with an employee reporting symptoms -- 
allowing them to be leaders in keeping their employees, clients, and shoppers 

"Now more than ever, frontline staff are looking to their employers for 
guidance and protection," says Paul Wyatt, Vice President of Product Management 
at WorkJam. "The employers that are able to provide a high level of leadership 
and assurance to their staff will come out of this crisis with healthy, 
engaged, and loyal employees. As an extension of WorkJam's long-standing value 
of improving the livelihoods of frontline employees, we're proud to support our 
customers with the technology needed to create safe work environments now and 
in the future."

WorkJam's health check analysis tool allows for real-time documentation and 
validation attestation, further reducing legal liability for businesses 
navigating the challenges of reopening in the current climate. The tool can 
also be applied to cases outside of the current pandemic, verifying that every 
employee is alert and healthy to clock in to a shift. 

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