Country for PR: Japan
Contributor: Kyodo News JBN
Wednesday, June 10 2020 - 15:00
GIKEN LTD. Awarded First Place in Amsterdam's Innovation Partnership Quay Wall Project
KOCHI, Japan, June 10, 2020 /Kyodo JBN/ AsiaNet/ --

GIKEN LTD., based in Kochi, Japan, and group company Giken Europe B.V. of 
Almere, the Netherlands, have been awarded first place in the Innovation 
Partnership Quay Wall project (IPK) for its innovation in construction 
methodology proposal on the wall renovation for a World Heritage-listed canal 
district in Amsterdam. GIKEN and its G-Kracht (G Force) partners, Gebr. De 
Koning BV and Van Gelder Group BV were selected for first place from a field of 
16 international parties and have entered into a partnership agreement with the 
Amsterdam City Government.


Photo: Image of construction using Gyropress (TM) Method and GRB (TM) System

Amsterdam owns and manages a network of 400-year-old bridges and quays which 
are vulnerable due to advanced age. Traditional construction methodologies for 
quay wall repair require the construction and use of temporary work platforms 
and removal of existing structures prior to the construction of a new wall. The 
process is complex, time-consuming, and costly. The Amsterdam government, 
moving away from traditional approaches, put an international call out for 
innovations that could shorten construction times, and minimize environmental 
impacts while protecting the cityscape. 

GIKEN's Gyropress (TM) Method enables the installation of piles directly 
through the existing canal structure, eliminating the need for demolition and 
temporary works. The Giken GRB (TM) System enables construction equipment to 
"walk" along the installed pile wall, eliminating temporary work platforms and 
minimizing the construction footprint. Giken Press In technology is vibration- 
and noise-free, providing an environmentally sustainable construction 
methodology to protect the cityscape. These methodologies, founded on the 
unparalleled Press In principles of minimal environmental disruption, won high 
praise, and G-Force received the highest rating of all global tenderers.

Following further detailed design work and project-specific product 
development, the pilot installation phase is to commence in 2021. Once 
demonstrated, the methodology is expected to be adopted as a standard 
construction method for the more than 200 kilometers of quay wall renovation 
scheduled for Amsterdam. 

The GIKEN Group, honored and excited about this opportunity, is confident that 
this project award will be another big step for its "Construction Revolution" 
and management strategy of "Changing worldwide construction through the Press 
In Implant Construction Methodology."