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Tuesday, June 16 2020 - 10:32
PlantSnap brings plant recognition to Snapchat
TELLURIDE, Colorado, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

PlantSnap ( 
), the world's most technologically advanced, comprehensive and accurate plant 
identification and social media app, was announced today as a new partner for 
Snapchat's Scan platform, which delivers helpful, delightful, and relevant 
experiences through Snapchat's camera. Now Snapchat ( 
)users can identify over 600,000 plants right from the Snapchat Camera.

PlantSnap's machine learning algorithm will then analyze and recognize the 
plant and instantly display the name of the plant on the screen. This will 
begin rolling out today.

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"It's important for us to understand that we are a part of nature, not apart 
from it, and that it's our responsibility to protect our world for future 
generations. So, we created a tool that encourages people to stop and explore 
the beauty and wonder of the world they live in," said Eric Ralls, Founder/CEO 
of PlantSnap. "By bringing people back to nature through the use of technology, 
PlantSnap helps both young and old feel like they are an integral part of this 
amazing planet. Together, we can help the world understand that we are stewards 
of the Earth, not owners."

PlantSnap not only reconnects people to nature but also creates a database of 
plants that provides useful information to hobbyists and professionals alike. 
PlantSnap is translated into 37 languages and currently used in over 200 
countries every day. With over 620,000 plants now in our database and 35 
million+ installs so far, PlantSnap has become THE go-to app for gardeners, 
hikers, landscape designers, teachers, students, foragers, and anyone who 
enjoys nature.

"At PlantSnap, we're reigniting interest in the beauty and wonder of nature and 
the amazing plant life that surrounds us every day, while empowering scientists 
and nature enthusiasts with the technology to catalog and share their 
discoveries," said Ralls. "What is most compelling about this integration of 
PlantSnap into Snapchat is that it gives us the opportunity to engage with 
Snapchat's 229 million daily active users, many of whom are part of Gen Z, in 
hopes of capturing their interest in plants while instilling into them an 
eternal love and respect for nature and the environment."

The scanned plant photo and naming result will be shown inside the Snapchat 
user interface, along with a link to "Learn more" about the plant through the 
PlantSnap app.

About PlantSnap

Instantly identify plants of all kinds: flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, 
cacti and more! PlantSnap is the revolutionary plant identification app from ( 
) built to help you instantly identify plants in a snap. It provides the user 
with a unique platform to explore the natural world in everyday life. Averaging 
over 500,000 snaps taken in 200+ countries per day, PlantSnap is a simple way 
for all Earth citizens to play a role in protecting and saving the environment 
simply by snapping photos of plants everywhere you go.

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