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Friday, June 12 2020 - 14:22
Miaozhen Systems: 31.9% of digital ad traffic was invalid in China 2019, costing the industry 28 billion RMB
BEIJING, June 12, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

A new report by Miaozhen Systems, China's leading omni measurement and business 
intelligence analytics solutions provider, has found that 31.9% of all online 
advertising traffic in China was invalid in 2019, costing the China brand 
marketing industry an estimated 28 billion RMB.

The report, "China Digital Advertising Invalid Traffic Report in 2019", is the 
first of its kind to examine invalid traffic in new advertising formats and 
media. In addition to PC and mobile ads, this report analyzed the state of 
invalid data in NEW TV ads, offline and outdoor ads, online consumer leads, 
social media ads, KOL marketing, and more. With data collected from 65,000 
campaigns by 2,000 brands across 1,200 platforms, it is the most accurate and 
comprehensive report on this subject to date.

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Key findings for 2019 are summarized below:

-Invalid traffic (IVT) made up 31.9% of all digital advertising traffic in 
China, up 1.7pp from 2018; 
-39.9% of vertical media traffic was invalid; IT verticals had the highest IVT 
rate at 49%, up 14pp from 2018; 
-Across industries, internet and communications saw the greatest IVT increase 
(up 6.3pp from 2018) and suffered the highest IVT rate; 
-10% of NEW TV ad traffic was invalid; agencies contributed the most invalid 
-26% of all online consumer sales leads were invalid, with major implications 
for auto and other industries that rely on online lead collection; 
-4.2% of outdoor advertising was invalid or not displayed; 
-48% of social media advertising traffic was invalid. On average, 57.5% of KOL 
fans were invalid, with baby & mom KOLs having the highest rate of invalid fans 

Since 2013, Miaozhen has been dedicated to the healthy development of the China 
digital marketing ecosystem. Besides contributing to national digital marketing 
industry standards, Miaozhen offers innovative, cutting-edge IVT filtration and 
influencer evaluation solutions to help make the industry more transparent and 
trustworthy. Clients who used Miaozhen's intelligent IVT filtration solution 
SmartVerify had an average IVT rate of 4.7%, far lower than the 2019 average of 
31.9%, and saved an estimated total of 4.5 billion RMB that would have been 
lost to invalid traffic.

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Source: Miaozhen Systems

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