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Tuesday, July 07 2020 - 20:13
Wuhan Development Zone attracts nearly 90 bln yuan in post-epidemic investment promotion
WUHAN, China, July 7, 2020 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Wuhan held the first post-epidemic large-scale investment promotion activity in 
south China's economic hub Shenzhen on July 1. Market entities of the two 
places signed 13 projects involving next-generation automobiles, artificial 
intelligence, automobile aftermarket and other fields, with a total investment 
of 89 billion yuan. The signing of these projects highlights the unique 
investment advantages of Wuhan Development Zone and injects new vitality into 
accelerating the region's post-epidemic recovery and creating a new highland 
for gathering capital and wisdom, according to the Publicity Department of 
Wuhan Development Zone.

The Hilton Hotel in Shenzhen's Shekou District, where the event was held, was 
teeming with guests Wednesday. Peng Hao, head of Wuhan Development Zone, made a 
detailed introduction on the region's investment advantages, highlighting its 
science and technology innovation headquarters base in particular. 

Attending enterprises include senior management from Sky-well New Energy 
Automobile Group Co. Ltd., Sunac China Holdings Limited, Huawei and other 
locally headquartered leading firms in industrial, real estate and other 

Wuhan Development Zone is a national development zone with strong comprehensive 
competitiveness in the country's central and western regions. With an annual 
output of more than 1 million cars and 17 million air conditioners, it is the 
main venue, engine and pillar for Wuhan's industrial and economic development. 
In recent years, Wuhan Development Zone has continuously promoted industrial 
transformation and upgrading, developed a diversified industrial support 
system, and stepped up investment promotion and capital introduction. 
Statistics showed that in the past three years, the region has signed 252 major 
projects worth over 100 million yuan, with a signed amount of 682.1 billion 
yuan in total. Among them, there are 49 projects invested by the world's 
Fortune 500 enterprises and 33 projects invested by centrally administered 
state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

As the core area for Wuhan Development Zone's future transformation and 
upgrading and high-quality development, the region's science and technology 
innovation headquarters base is accelerating planning and construction. Located 
near the Yangtze River and South Taizi Lake, the base boasts superior 
geographical, transport and infrastructure conditions.

According to relevant plans, the base seeks to focus on headquarters economy, 
scientific research and development, and smart manufacturing in terms of 
industry introduction. Cooperation opportunities are open to Fortune 500 firms, 
large central SOEs, leading private enterprises, industry leaders, large 
multinational companies, well-known universities and research institutes. The 
development of emerging industries such as next-generation automobiles, smart 
homes, smart manufacturing, testing and design will be highlighted. The base 
aims to form a modern headquarters economic agglomeration area facing central 
China and radiating the whole country, and establish clusters of industrial 
research and development institutions and a national industrial incubation 
acceleration platform.

In terms of planning and layout, Wuhan Development Zone science and technology 
innovation headquarters base will take water as the axis to create an overall 
spatial structure with one axis connecting six lakes and three belts connecting 
four sections.

The central belt will connect sections of wealth gathering, science and 
technology innovation and ecological development to promote headquarters 
economy, research and development, smart manufacturing and waterfront 
businesses. The base will feature the functions of office, research and 
development test, commercial and residential uses. By connecting 
decision-making with R&D and industrial application, the base will attract 
high-end industry clusters and professionals. 

The invitation to Wuhan Development Zone has won applause and recognition from 
Shenzhen's entrepreneurs.

"Wuhan is a natural investment destination for large domestic enterprises and 
groups as long as they want to make a nationwide presence. We are optimistic 
about Wuhan and will continue to invest in Wuhan," said Zhang Jinshun, vice 
chairman of Baoneng Group. 

"Wuhan has a very good investment environment and the people are very 
enthusiastic. It is a safe bet to invest in Wuhan," said Jiang Tiefeng, general 
manager of China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co,.Ltd.

Many entrepreneurs expressed their willingness to strengthen all-round 
cooperation with Wuhan Development Zone to seek common development and achieve 
win-win results.

Focusing on the artificial intelligence industry, Shenzhen Galaxy Industry 
Group plans to work with China Construction Second Engineering Bureau and Wuhan 
Real Estate Group to invest in the construction of an international 
intellectual port in Wuhan Development Zone, and to build projects such as 
China university venture capital research institute (Central China branch), 
national institute of entrepreneurship, Wuhan university entrepreneurship 
manager training base, an incubator, a fashion shopping street and COCO PARK 
Phase I.

On next-generation automobiles, DeepRoute, a Shenzhen-based self-driving 
startup, will build a production base, R&D test center and operation center for 
intelligent Internet-connected automobiles in Wuhan Development Zone. It has 
also set up relevant technical teams around the technological transformation of 
core components and the development of L4-level self-driving algorithm in-depth 
learning technology to carry out commercial pilot operations. Another 
Shenzhen-headquartered self-driving start-up AutoX will set its central China 
regional operation headquarters in Wuhan Development Zone. The first batch of 
the company's 20 self-driving vehicles will run on urban roads in Wuhan 
Development Zone.

To promote scientific and technological innovation, China Science and 
Technology Development Institute plans to build an innovation and 
entrepreneurship service platform and an industrial engine platform in Wuhan 
Development Zone. Giving full play to the advantages of the institute's 
scientific and technological innovation strengths and other resources, the 
investment projects aim at strategic emerging industries such as intelligent 
Internet-connected automobiles, industrial robots, new materials and new 
energy. Efforts will be made to introduce and cultivate high-quality teams and 
projects at home and abroad, create a good ecological environment for 
innovation and entrepreneurship, and strive to build it into a national 
incubator within four years. In line with the development concept of 
integration of industry growth and city development, R&F Group plans to build a 
scientific and technological innovation center in Wuhan Development Zone to 
create a characteristic industrial demonstration area to gather scientific and 
technological innovation industries, innovation ideas and new talents.

Focusing on the automobile services market, China Zhengtong Group gathers and 
integrates the advantageous resources of its subsidiaries and related parties 
and plans to build and introduce a number of key projects such as the group's 
wealth settlement center, Dongzheng finance central China headquarters base and 
Zhengtong logistics headquarters base. It aims to build an industrial cluster 
in the automotive aftermarket, development and introduce benchmarking high-end 
office areas, enterprise headquarters bases, financial towns and various 
commercial supporting industries and formats, and create diversified urban 

Peng Hao said Wuhan Development Zone will issue the best policies, create the 
best environment and provide the best services for investors. All-round support 
will be offered in terms of new research and development, innovation and 
entrepreneurship in the district. Comprehensive talent services and supporting 
special policies on children's schooling, house purchase and medical treatment 
will be provided. The zone will be a good caretaker for enterprises and talents 
investing and working in the district by improving the service mechanism and 
offering targeted services.

Source: The Publicity Department of Wuhan Development Zone

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   Caption: A signing ceremony is held in Shenzhen for investment projects 
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