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Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Monday, July 13 2020 - 14:14
China Eastern's "Fly at Will" Ticket Package for Unlimited Weekend Travel Boosts Circular Economy
SHANGHAI, July 13, 2020 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Over 150,000 people had enjoyed their flights under the "fly at will" air 
ticket discount package rolled out by China Eastern Airlines (also known as 
China Eastern) during the past two weekends. 

As the first-ever air ticket discount package launched in China that allows 
passengers to enjoy unlimited weekend flights till December 31, the "fly at 
will" released on June 18 was priced at 3,322 yuan (about $473.72). The product 
has been especially welcomed by backpackers and migrant workers. Some netizens 
even call it "a godsend for long-distance relationship".

As the COVID-19 pandemic has been effectively brought under control in the 
China, 150,000 passengers flew to enjoy holidays or visit their family by using 
the ticket package, which has become a hot topic and a phenomenal economic 
activity in China. 

The average passenger load factor of the China Eastern flights from Shanghai to 
more than ten destinations rose by nearly 20 percent, with the figure of some 
flights even surpassing 90 percent. Some popular flights have seen the 
proportion of "fly at will" passengers exceed 90 percent. Although the company 
has dispatched wide-body aircrafts like B777 and A350 to the hot flights, it 
still cannot fully meet passengers' growing travel demands. 

The ground-breaking move has also caused social discussion. Jeff Yu, a partner 
in the Beijing office of consultancy Roland Berger, said that the most 
noteworthy part of the "fly at will" is not only the pricing or business model, 
but the actual test data, for which will help provide valuable insights into 
and support for the full recovery of the aviation field. 

With the "fly at will" filling a market void and driving travel demands, China 
Eastern is called a "pathfinder" and "wind vane" by industry insiders and 
media. There are by far over 20,000 pieces of news reports on the product 
published by more than 1,000 media outlets. Putting aside the profits and 
losses, "fly at will" is already a very successful product for its topicality 
and the publicity, pointed out Xiong Wei, a PhD candidate majoring in aviation 
law at McGill University. 

Other airlines in China have launched similar products following "fly at will". 
On June 21, China Express launched a similar air ticket packages. On July 1, 
Hainan Airlines announced that its 12 airline companies will jointly launch an 
air ticket package with limited destinations. 

China Eastern hopes that its "fly at will" can help boost businesses in tourism 
and hospitality, so that relevant industries can tide over the tough time 
together, said an executive of the service department of China Eastern. As the 
COVID-19 pandemic causes a marked impact on economy, a popular ticket package 
may lead to more positive results in consumption in relevant fields, said 
Xiong, noting that the social benefits of "fly at will" is already far beyond 
the profits it can get for the company.

Source: China Eastern Airlines

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