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Human Horizons and Microsoft partner to create onboard AI assistant for HiPhi
SHANGHAI, July 13, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

At the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020 (WAIC 2020) held online 
this year, Human Horizons announces its strategic partnership with Microsoft to 
jointly develop an on-board AI assistant, the HiPhiGo, for HiPhi vehicles. 
Human Horizons is an innovative mobility company with HiPhi, a subsidiary 
brand, providing premium smart all-electric vehicles. Supporting the 
partnership, HiPhi and Microsoft are in discussion to establish a smart 
computing lab. This will be the latest addition to Human Horizons' '3 Smart' 
strategic blueprint (Smart Vehicle, Smart Road and Smart City) enhancing its 
next generation connected vehicles. 

Combining different AI-driven applications to come together in a user-friendly 
manner is a challenge, which is where the partnership with Microsoft comes into 

"Human Horizons has experience in design, engineering, intelligent systems and 
more, and has been at the forefront of innovation, with a comprehensive 
blueprint and successful practice in the integrated development of the vehicle, 
road and city ecosystem," says Dr. Yongdong Wang, global senior Vice President 
of Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering.

"The strategic partnership with Microsoft will accelerate the development of 
our onboard digital AI assistant, HiPhiGo," says Ding Lei, CEO and founder of 
Human Horizons and HiPhi. "HiPhi, as a future-oriented innovative mobility 
company, and Microsoft, with its unique technological expertise, are 
outstandingly well-matched. Together, we will play a key role in shaping the 
future of automotive-mobility."

Dr. Yongdong Wang shared, "We are thrilled that HiPhi has chosen Microsoft. 
Human Horizons has profound experience in vehicle design, engineering, and 
vehicle intelligent systems. As Human Horizons and Microsoft join forces, we 
look forward to supporting the company with cutting edge AI technologies for 
the development of the vehicle, road and city ecosystem, and to reimagine the 
driving experience for people everywhere, together."

Using the onboard AI assistant, HiPhi will significantly optimise the 
connections between its vehicles, cloud-based platform, and user-centric 
services within the "vehicle-road-city" ecosystem. Microsoft has extensive 
technical expertise in computer voice and vision, natural language processing, 
and search engine database. This includes Microsoft's text to speech 
technology, based on deep neural networks, that is comparable to human speech. 
The application of such technologies will provide seamless and engaging 
human-machine interaction.

The HiPhiGo AI assistant will also allow HiPhi to leverage mobility services 
across its entire portfolio, providing new services and solutions such as 
in-car consumer experiences, telematics, and the ability to securely connect 
data between the car and its occupants.

AI is an inevitable process of the further development of new-generation 
information technology (IT), also a global-concerned direction of deep 
integration of IT and economic and social development.

In the future, the solutions developed through this partnership will be rolled 
out to other HiPhi products, building the foundation for all customer-centric 
services of the brand. HiPhi 1, the first product of the HiPhi brand, will 
reach small volume production by the end of 2020 and official deliveries in 

About the HiPhi Brand

HiPhi is a premium brand created by Human Horizons and enhanced by its users. 
HiPHi 1 is an EV with a lightweight hybrid- aluminum construction. It also 
embeds sustainability with the adoption of vegan leather and the use of 
recyclable materials to further increase the sustainable nature of Human 
Horizons' EV products. 

About Human Horizons

Human Horizons is established for R&D in innovative and leading intelligent 
mobility technologies as well as the industrialization of future-oriented smart 
vehicles. Furthermore, Human Horizons builds smart transportation technologies 
and contributes to the development of smart cities which will redefine human 

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   Caption: Human Horizons’ premium smart all-electric vehicle, HiPhi, set for 
large-scale production in 2021.