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ACG School Jakarta's Student-led Activities Create Multiplying Social Impact
JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Providing authentic, meaningful learning experiences is a priority for ACG 
School Jakarta( as they help prepare their students 
for the future. While inspiring students to become creative, innovative 
problem-solvers with an entrepreneurial skillset, the school's holistic 
philosophy also encompasses the importance of compassion, collaboration, and 
the willingness to affect change in both local and global communities. 


ACG School Jakarta's dual curricula, the Cambridge International and 
International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes reflect this vision, encouraging 
students to design their own projects and initiatives to provide real-life 
insights and understanding. One of the core components of ACG's IB Diploma 
Programme is Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS), which emphasises the 
significance of learning beyond the classroom setting.

CAS projects offer unparalleled opportunities for students to develop teamwork, 
integrity, resilience, and commitment values, while building confidence, 
self-belief, and leadership abilities.

"I believe ACG Jakarta fosters a culture of care and independence that 
encourages students to take action and contribute to society in the best ways 
possible," says twelfth grade prefect Lina Hutchinson who played a pivotal role 
in the school's recent COVID-19 relief fundraising campaign.

Lina worked alongside her fellow prefects and Student Council members to raise 
17 million IDR in donations. This was used to purchase protective equipment and 
supplies for medical centres, as well as food and resources for families in 

"Though the values we learn at school such as compassion and integrity were 
rooted in our desire to support these causes, we were mainly motivated to help 
after seeing the realities of the local community and how COVID-19 was 
affecting everybody's daily lives.

"While we would not be able to provide donations and resources for everyone, we 
had to take on the mindset that we were doing our part to help. We had to be 
hopeful that everyone doing their own part, no matter how big or small, could 
affect many people for the better," adds Lina.

Alongside several other philanthropic initiatives undertaken during the 
coronavirus pandemic, many additional student-directed programmes are already 
firmly in place at the school. Operated entirely by secondary students, these 
range from internal media projects including the ACG Radio Station, STUCO 
Student Council Instagram and ACG Times digital magazine, to environmental and 
talent nurturing initiatives like the Eco-Warriors, KarangKita and Café Society.

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   Caption: ACG School Jakarta’s students helped people affected by COVID-19.

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