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Wednesday, July 15 2020 - 23:24
Absen Announces Upgrades on Outdoor Mesh LED Display
SHENZHEN, China, July 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The leading global LED brand, Absen, announced upgrades on the mesh LED display 
product, C15-31 Plus. This range has been recognized in CIS market, China and 
Europe since its initial launch in 2018. With improvements in structure design 
and visual performance, C15-31 Plus is perfect for outdoor advertising 
applications including digital billboards and large-scale building facades.


C15-31 was designed with professional requirements on media facade, heat 
dissipation and load bearing factors in mind. It comes in two pixel pitches, 
15mm and 31mm (vertical), and the horizontal pixel pitch is 31mm. The panel has 
been extended to 500mm×1500mm, with an option of 1000mm×1500mm. This update 
makes it easier to create large-scale displays and helps save steel structure, 
which leads to less cost.

Rostest and CE Certified - safe and reliable

In compliance with Rostest, CE, EMC class B and more international quality and 
safety standards, Absen's C15-31 Plus series is a product of robust 
reliability. Just like Absen's other outdoor products, C15-31 adopts LEDs 
encapsulated by Absen itself, ensuring solid quality and extreme energy 

Made of high quality aluminium profile, C15-31 is lightweight and durable. 
Besides, the panel and parts including power boxes, LED strips and cables, as 
well as the aviation plugs are all IP65/IP65 rated, further guaranteeing 
reliability and long life span. Able to work in challenging environments of -40 
degrees Celsius, it has been utilized in many projects in regions like Serbia.

Lightweight display with high transparency of 67%

With a depth of less than 10CM and weighing at only 12KG/m2, C15-31 Plus series 
is 60%-80% lighter than traditional outdoor LED displays, allowing for simple 
and quick installation and operation.

The slim and lightweight design of the front & rear maintenance mesh LED 
product is coupled with a high transparency of up to 67%, promising strong wind 
resistance, excellent heat dissipation performance and capability of offering 
see-through LED solution with no compromise on visual effect.

Extraordinary visual performance under direct sunlight

C15-31 promises to provide high quality images thanks to some impressive specs. 
With a high level of brightness of 8000nit and refresh rate of 10000HZ, as well 
as the 15bit grayscale, this outdoor screen offers outstanding images of vivid 
and accurate colours and excellent visibility even under direct sunlight.

C15-31 Plus makes it easier to deliver fantastic results for customers.


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