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Saturday, July 18 2020 - 07:19
Shanghai Electric's SEunicloud Platform Wins World's First Industrial Intelligence Award at WAIC 2020
SHANGHAI, July 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

Shanghai Electric (SHA:601727/HK:02727) announced today that its SEunicloud 
platform has won the world's first industrial intelligence award at the 2020 
World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) Summit. The platform earned the 
"Zhan Lu" Award in the Best Service sector. WAIC 2020 was held at the Golden 
Hall of the Shanghai Expo Center on July 9. The Award was jointly established 
by Forbes China and the Global Industrial Intelligence Summit to recognize 
achievements in global-oriented industrial intelligence.

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Huang Ou, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of Shanghai 
Electric Group, noted, "In the future, Shanghai Electric will continue to 
develop the SEunicloud platform and improve the service model industrial 
Internet platform within the Yangtze River Delta regional radiation throughout 
the country and even the world." 

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This year's event was organized by the committee of the World Artificial 
Intelligence Congress and co-hosted by the China Institute of Information and 
Communication and the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance, among others. The 
Summit focused on "Innovation, Integration and Build the Future of Intelligent 
Industry." The program included sharing the technological frontiers of 
industrial blockchain, industrial big data and industrial Internet industry 
platform as well as exploring new models of industrial Internet industry chain 

A major topic of WAIC 2020 was the building of a new ecological structure for 
the industrial Internet. To this end, in the hope of accelerating the evolution 
of its work, Shanghai Electric upgraded the company's digital solution platform 
SEunicloud. The platform empowers intelligent wind power operation, remote 
thermal power operation, machine tool maintenance, energy storage and 
distribution. Using SEunicloud, Shanghai Electric has been providing efficient 
solutions, including troubleshooting, remote operations, maintenance, and 
energy planning to meet demands in various scenarios.

The SEunicloud platform is also equipped with an intelligent supply chain 
solution that is designed to match factory production with power plant demand 
directly. The DES-PSO energy planning solution of the platform features design 
and planning, investment analysis and risk assessment functions. These allow 
customers to evaluate the financial viability of large-scale energy production 
projects before commissioning their construction. The Shanghai Electric 
E-Commerce solution component of the platform is a one-stop platform equipped 
with spare parts, maintenance services, transformation optimization and more. 
This facilitates the online delivery of more than 22,000 spare parts products 
and 70 standard repair packages¡ªall at near factory price.  

The summit also announced the official launch of the Industry-Finance 
Integration of Industrial Internet Program. After the formation of the 
consortium, Shanghai Electric will jointly promote the construction of a public 
service platform for industrial Internet finance and build a credible, 
interoperable and coordinated industrial Internet financial system.

SOURCE: Shanghai Electric

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   Caption: Huang Ou, deputy secretary and president of the Party Committee of 
Shanghai Electric Group witnesses the official launch of the Industry-Finance 
Integration of Industrial Internet Program in the 2020 World Artificial 
Intelligence Conference (WAIC) Summit