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Tuesday, August 11 2020 - 10:30
Xinhua Silk Road: Seraphim inks 150MW PV module supply agreement with Raystech at SNEC PV POWER EXPO 2020
BEIJING, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. ("Seraphim"), one of the world's 
leading solar product manufacturers, entered into a 150 MW photovoltaic modules 
supply agreement with Raystech Group ("Raystech"), at the SNEC PV POWER EXPO 
2020 in Shanghai. 

Raytech is a leading wholesaler and importer of solar and electrical products 
in Australia and New Zealand. 

After signing a 50MW solar modules supply agreement in June of this year, it 
has set another example of how both companies are focusing on the global 
distribution market, thereby promoting the development of global clean energy.

"The long-term friendly cooperation between Seraphim and Raystech has laid the 
foundation for their joint exploration of the global distribution market," said 
Polaris Li, president of Seraphim, adding that "Raystech has brought efficient 
and attractive Seraphim products with professional and appropriate services to 
the various regions via its distribution network in Australia, New Zealand, 
Southeast Asia and Europe. We are very optimistic about this cooperation."

Seraphim will supply to Raystech its S3 series half-cell modules with power 
capacity up to 440W combined with a conversion efficiency exceeding 19.78 

The S3 series half-cell modules integrate 166mm silicon cells with multi-busbar 
and half-cut cell technologies. The multi-busbar shortens the current 
transmission distance between the thin grid fingers, further reducing 
resistance loss. The half-cut process further reduces the internal electrical 
loss and mismatch, and also increases the overall conversion efficiency of the 
module by more than 5 percent. 

The module also reduces the impact of hidden cracks and hot spot effects, thus 
improving performance, reliability and being ideal for large-scale industrial, 
commercial and ground-based power station projects in a wide range of 

Han Wei, CEO of Raystech said their cooperation will continue to inject fresh 
vitality into the global market and bring more advanced, more reliable and 
better-quality energy supply services to their global customers.

Seraphim has always attached great importance to the distribution market and 
vigorously developed distribution channels. 

Since its foundation in 2011, Seraphim has specialized in research, 
development, production, innovation and sales of PV products. To date, more 
than 8GW Seraphim's products have been installed in over 40 countries worldwide.

SOURCE  Xinhua Silk Road