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Friday, August 14 2020 - 16:00
Bushu Pharmaceuticals Announces Major Expansion Program
KAWAGOE, Japan, Aug. 14, 2020 /Kyodo JBN, AsiaNet/ --

- Japan's Premier CDMO Will Invest $100m to Expand Capacity and Portfolio -

Bushu Pharmaceuticals Ltd., one of Japan's largest contract manufacturers of 
pharmaceutical products, announced on August 14 a major capital program costing 
$100 million to expand its footprint, capacity and portfolio of services. The 
program extends over the next five years in order to accommodate client needs.



Bushu is nearing completion of its 3,900-square-meter (42,000-sq.-ft.) cold 
chain warehouse facility at its Misato plant north of Tokyo. The new facility 
will be commissioned and validated by September of this year for storage of 
temperature-controlled sterile drugs and biologics for the Japanese market. The 
new facility is an important component in the company's "Asia hub" strategy 
which enables international pharmaceutical companies to import bulk products 
into Japan for quality inspection, labeling, packaging and distribution 
throughout Japan and other Asian countries. The inspection capacity will be 
expanded to 12 stations for pre-filled syringes, and seven stations each for 
liquid vials and for lyophilized vials. Of the 26 inspection stations, 23 will 
be supported by cameras. This will establish Bushu as the leading provider of 
sterile drug inspection in Japan's outsourced market. The Japanese market 
requires 100% visual inspection of pharmaceutical products intended for sale in 
Japan, which is particularly time-consuming and complex for sterile and 
biologic products.

In addition to the new warehouse and inspection capacity, Bushu has also funded 
the addition of eight new packaging lines, including one pre-filled packaging 
line and a new water-for-injection line to support its sterile manufacturing 
filling suite. Bushu is also upgrading its production automation systems and 
its laboratory information management system (LIMS) as part of a long-term IT 
master plan.

Bushu is now working with several multi-national pharmaceutical clients, which 
has also allowed the company to establish an international technical transfer 
team. This expanded team will facilitate the transfer of analytical methods and 
enable validation of foreign-made drugs into Bushu's two manufacturing 

"We are excited about our capital expansion plans," said Tadao Takano, Bushu's 
Chief Operating Officer. "Our Asia hub strategy is coming to life. The added 
space and additional inspection lines will allow us to bring more of our 
client's bulk products into the country, which will make their logistics and 
supply chain systems much more efficient."

About Bushu Pharmaceuticals
Bushu Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was established in August 1998 as an independent 
pharmaceutical contract manufacturer. Bushu, capitalized at 1 billion yen, 
carries out contract manufacturing and packaging of clinical trials and 
commercial products in accordance with the latest GMP standards. Through the 
utilization of know-how and the latest industry information, Bushu prides 
itself in being able to offer added-value solutions to customers. 

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Source: Bushu Pharmaceuticals Ltd.