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Friday, August 14 2020 - 22:02
Tata Projects completes Surathani-Phuket transmission line project in Thailand
MUMBAI, India Aug. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

    TATA Projects Limited [] , one of India's 
fastest growing and most admired infrastructure companies, and its consortium 
partner have completed an important 110-km stretch of the 200-km Surathani - 
Phuket transmission line project in Thailand. This 500kV transmission line is 
an achievement since it passes through thick jungles and mountainous terrain.

    This project will bring additional electricity to Phuket thereby improving 
the lives of citizens. Out of the Tata Projects led consortium's 110-km 
stretch, about 80-km was executed by Tata Projects and the remaining by its 
partner. The company utilised drone technology for stringing of transmission 
lines thereby reducing timeframe and avoiding manual work.

    Speaking about the project, Vivek Gautam, COO - Tata Projects Ltd, said, 
"We are proud to complete this important transmission line project which is a 
true testimony of our top-notch expertise and vast experience. With successful 
completion of our second transmission line project in Thailand, we have once 
again proved our execution capabilities not only in India but also around the 
world. Going forward, we shall continue to deliver projects on-time, using 
world-class project management techniques and uncompromising standards of 

    All tower foundations were completed using ready mixed concrete which is a 
symbol of 100 per cent concrete quality. Additionally, Tata Projects also 
prepared approach roads for ready mixed concrete trucks.

    A unique aspect of this project is that it is the first 500 KV Transmission 
line passing from Phang-nga province. Phang-nga is a province in Southern 
Thailand, bordering the Andaman Sea on the West Coast of the Malay Peninsula.

    Prior to this Surathani-Phuket transmission line project, Tata Project led 
consortium had successfully executed an 80-km stretch of 500kV Roi Et 2 - 
Chaiyaphum 2 Transmission Line project in August 2019. It was the company's 
first successfully executed transmission line project in Thailand.

    About TATA Projects Limited

    TATA Projects [] is one of the fastest growing 
and most admired infrastructure companies in India. It has expertise in 
executing large and complex urban and industrial infrastructure projects. TATA 
Projects operates through its four Strategic Business Groups (SBGs) namely 
Industrial Systems SBG, Core Infra SBG, Urban Infra SBG, and Services SBG.

    The company provides turnkey end-to-end solutions to set up power 
generation plants, power transmission & distribution systems, fully integrated 
rail & metro systems, commercial buildings & airports, chemical process plants, 
water and waste water management solutions, complete mining and metal 
purification systems.

    The company is driven to deliver projects on-time, using world-class 
project management techniques and has uncompromising standards for safety and 

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    Source: TATA Projects Limited