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Thursday, August 20 2020 - 11:49
Higher Logic Australia Has Grown its Customer Base by Over 250% Since the Start of 2020
SYDNEY, Aug. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Higher Logic customers have seen notable 
increases—seeing over a 300% increase in new logins and almost 500% increase—in 
community engagement.

Higher Logic, the industry-leading, human focused engagement platform has 
accelerated its growth in the Australian market through the COVID-19 pandemic 
demonstrating the power of community. 

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"We've found through this pandemic that associations who had a solid community 
strategy were able to adapt and shift their investments into digital delivery, 
accessibility and engagement," says Higher Logic's Asia Pacific Country 
Manager, Robert Barnes. "It's all about strategy. Investment in community has 
been a 'no-brainer' for those who understand that community is not an IT 
project but a focal point for a membership growth and retention strategy. Our 
success is in proving we are able to work within an existing tech stack to 
deliver an integrated, personalised and automated experience which creates both 
the unique member experience; and, significant efficiencies for an already 
overworked staff."

Higher Logic Australia is rapidly growing through the COVID-19 pandemic with 
the addition of 22 new logos this year. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, 
Higher Logic customers have seen notable increases in their community logins 
and discussions—some seeing over a 300% increase in new logins and almost 500% 
increase in discussions. Human connection is more important now than ever and a 
thriving, engaged community is the best way to make that happen when 
face-to-face interactions are limited. 

Professionals Australia is one customer of Higher Logic's that has used the 
platform to reach new levels of growth and drive better results for their 
members. By implementing automated email campaigns, Professionals Australia 
experienced the highest level of member retention in five years and the 
strongest single year of recruitment in their organisation's history. In just 
one year, Professionals Australia achieved:

   -- 21% increase in overall recruitment 
   -- 12.5% decline in overall resignations 
   -- 25% increase in recruitment of members under 35 
   -- 15% decline in resignations of members under 35

"Overall, our use of Higher Logic's Communications platform has made a major 
impact on both ends of our membership – minimising losses and maximising 
recruitment – delivering a level of growth we haven't seen in several years, 
increasing our influence as an organisation, and allowing us to deliver better 
results for our members," says Stephen Gargano, Director – Member Engagement, 
Professionals Australia.

The Australian Medical Association of Queensland used the Higher Logic platform 
to connect their members in the rapidly changing world. AMA Queensland pivoted 
their member strategy to bring an engaged online community to their members, 
giving them a central hub for communication and resources. With this, AMA 
Queensland was able to tap into the insights of the community to better 
understand and respond to the needs of their member base.

AMA Queensland, Chief Executive Officer, Jane Schmitt said, "A community should 
be a foundational starting point for every association – a central platform 
that's safer and more intimate than social media, where members can 
communicate, and where they know the association will read and react to what's 
being shared."

Australia Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association has been using Higher Logic 
to connect their 6,000 members. They provide a place for members to connect 
with others, advance their careers and feel empowered. 

"We've had 1700+ members engage with almost 700 posts in our open community 
since we launched in late February," says ASCTA, Chief Executive Officer, 
Brendon Ward. "We are driving members to Higher Logic so they can connect with 
peers, access and share resources and tools, and watch webinar recordings in a 
secure and safe environment which is uniquely dedicated to our members. This is 
helping to drive membership growth and increase retention rates."

In July, Higher Logic announced ( 
) the release of their Engagement Benchmark Score, which gives customers a way 
to measure their engagement through data-driven insight into their community's 
performance. This score gives users a clear picture of what is happening in 
their community allowing them to focus their efforts where most needed.

About Higher Logic 
Higher Logic, the industry-leading, human-focused engagement platform, delivers 
powerful online communities and communication tools to engage your users at 
every stage of their journey. With Higher Logic, you get a robust platform plus 
over a decade of experience in building sophisticated community engagement 
programs. We serve over 3,000 customers and 50 million users across 21 
countries worldwide and support 2.4 billion community interactions annually. 
The Higher Logic Australia office opened in 2018 to with a goal of extending 
reach in the APAC region. 

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