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Thursday, September 17 2020 - 10:00
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'Disney POP TOWN' starts an Event to pre-celebrate its 1st Anniversary
SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- 'Disney POP TOWN' delivers 3 consecutive events for its upcoming 1st 

- Features for major update will be introduced along with various Disney 
franchise costumes and items as rewards

- SundayToz plans on a major update and events for 'Disney POP TOWN' 1st 

Mobile gaming developer SundayToz (CEO Jeong-Seop Kim, today 
announced to start a new event, '1st Anniversary Anticipatory Celebration,' to 
pre-celebrate their 1st Anniversary.

'1st Anniversary Anticipatory Celebration' is a unique pre-celebration starting 
from September 17th to October 5th with three continuous events. Each event 
will be introducing features for the upcoming 1st Anniversary update, scheduled 
on October 6th, and is expected to deliver special interests to players.

For the first event, starting from September 17th, 'Disney POP TOWN' will 
present its first new feature, 'Magical Balloon,' which helps players for 
better gameplay. The feature will be shown along with the 'Lion King Event' 
where players can get a 'Simba' Costume.

Secondly, starting from September 24th, players will be presented with 'Pop 
Mate' system, which will allow players to use their friend's Costume Skills as 
well as their own when playing a level. Players will also be able to claim 
twice the amount for Daily Free Gifts during this period.

Lastly, starting from October 1st, 'Sky Plaza' will be presented. Players will 
be able to meet and give Lives back and forth with their friends at the new 
'Sky Plaza.' During this event period, everyone who logs in the game from 3:00 
pm to 6:00 pm will be rewarded with 10 Lucky Tickets.

Also, there will be a Twitter retweet event to celebrate 'Disney POP TOWN's 1st 
Anniversary starting from September 9th until October 5th. Players can 
participate in the event by following the 'Disney POP TOWN' official Twitter 
account and retweet the event notice. The reward for the event will increase by 
reaching a certain amount of retweets and 20 random winners will be granted 
with 100 Lucky Tickets.

"We are excited to celebrate the first Anniversary of 'Disney POP TOWN' after 
its release in Asia," said Jeong-hyun Lee, the Lead Producer of the game. "We 
wish the players will enjoy the introduction for the upcoming contents and 
features that are planned to be updated with the 1st Anniversary, and the 
anticipatory celebration events with various rewards.

'Disney POP TOWN' is a mash-up mobile puzzle game with various puzzle levels 
and costumes of Disney Franchise including 'Mickey Mouse,' 'Winnie-the-Pooh,' 
'Frozen,' and 'Aladdin'. The game also has a story simulating presented in 
various chapters inspired by Disney franchises. For its upcoming 1st 
Anniversary, 'Disney POP TOWN' is preparing for a major update on this coming 

About SundayToz

Established in 2009, SundayToz is a South Korean game developer and publisher 
recognized for Casual and Puzzle mobile games including 'ANIPANG' series. With 
its various successful titles, including 'Disney POP TOWN', 'We Bare Bears,' 
'Slot Mate,' and other mobile games, SundayToz has over 100M downloads in the 
Global Market including South Korea.

source: SundayToz