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Tuesday, September 15 2020 - 21:12
To Our Common Earth by Mango TV: Chinese Girl Zhao Yating from UNHCR
CHANGSHA, China, Sept. 15, 2020 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

To Our Common Earth, a documentary program about young Chinese in international 
NGOs by Mango TV was released recently, telling stories of many Chinese 
youngsters active around corners of the world.

Upon the broadcasting of 03 episode, Jordan: Light of Hope in Refugee Camp, the 
official from UNHCR commended, "The program goes deep into the refugee camp and 
displays the efforts of young Chinese in international humanitarian aid."

Zhao Yating joined UNHCR in 2019 and was engaged in aiding the refugees 
systematically ever since. She was educated in Peking University and New York 
University and was hired as an official in UNDP. This episode followed Zhao 
Yating and entered the second largest refugee camp in the world: Zaatari 
refugee camp. Located in Northern Jordan, the refugee camp was close to the 
gobi desert of Syria. Covering a land of over 20 square kilometers, it is home 
to about 80,000 Syrian refugees, nearly the size of a city.

In such a city, the allocation of materials, the city planning as well as the 
survival of refugees are urgent problems. Every refugee family Zhao Yating 
knows has its problem: no housing, roof leakage, no medicine for sickness... 
But her work is much more than solving these specific problems. What's more 
important is to solve the long-term need of local refugees.

Zhao Yating and her colleagues took three months to plan for the granting of 
materials. What's most in need in winter? How to set the standard for refugee 
families under budget? Are the materials able to support their daily life for 
the next months? How to arrange thousands of refugees to get the materials in 

Each number requires accurate research to make sure the need of refugees are 
guaranteed without any waste of the fund.

"We ourselves are not in dismay for now, but we try to understand the 
predicament of others, to see life from the aspect of the weak, and to help 
them as best as we can. I believe the world will be better," said Zhao Yating.

To Our Common World by Mango TV shows the trip of doing public welfare of many 
young Chinese. It has emotions and cultural conflicts interwoven in natural and 
cultural landscapes, and demonstrates the power created by the Chinese NGO 

Source: Mango TV

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   Caption: Zhao Yating from UNHCR communicates with refugee children in Jordan.


   Caption: Chinese Girl Zhao Yating from UNHCR