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Wednesday, September 16 2020 - 22:28
Maison Martell Announces The Opening of L'Atelier Martell Shenzhen
SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

Its first-ever boutique in the world

Maison Martell officially inaugurated L'Atelier Martell Shenzhen an exceptional 
boutique dedicated to tasting, exploration and exclusive product offerings. 
This opening took place through an innovative, online event with a live between 
Cognac and Shenzhen. The first illustration of the House's new retail concept, 
which is designed to be rolled out globally, L'Atelier Martell Shenzhen invites 
clients to immerse themselves in the world of Maison Martell through 
state-of-the-art interactive, connected experiences.

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"Today, we are proud to celebrate a new landmark in the 300-year history of our 
House. L'Atelier Martell is an innovative concept, which reflects our vision of 
elevating cognac into an experience that puts the client front and centre. With 
L'Atelier Martell, we are offering our clients new ways to explore, immerse and 
engage. We are bringing them audacious experiences through which they can 
discover our heritage, our savoir-faire and our cognacs as never before." 

— César Giron, Chairman & CEO Maison Martell


L'Atelier Martell is designed to become a must-visit destination uniting 
savoir-faire, digital technology and one-of-a-kind products and services. To 
launch its new retail concept, Maison Martell naturally chose Shenzhen, a city 
known for its dynamism, modernity and cutting-edge technology – a city which, 
like Maison Martell, has its sights on the future.

True to the spirit of generosity for which Maison Martell is renowned, 
L'Atelier Martell welcomes visitors in a warm and luxurious ambiance featuring 
authentic elements directly from Cognac. Its  name derives from the French  
word for a craftsman's workshop, and its design was inspired by the Atelier of 
the Martell Cellar Master – notably the spectacular display of more than 200 
montres (glass sampling bottles), which showcases the myriad  nuances  of  
cognac. Elsewhere, a wall of oak barrels from the Martell cooperage and 
selected pieces from the archives illustrate the House's heritage of 
craftsmanship. These are complemented by materials such as wood and copper, 
evoking the cognac-making process, which are interpreted in original, 
contemporary ways to show how Maison Martell boldly transforms tradition.

Local culture is fundamental to the global concept of L'Atelier Martell. 
Accordingly, the new 160-m² boutique aims to establish strong ties between 
Maison Martell and  the city of Shenzhen. The city skyline is spotlighted on a 
collector's edition of Martell Noblige, available exclusively in L'Atelier 
Martell Shenzhen, with the choice of this vibrant cognac reflecting the city's 
dynamic spirit. Maison Martell also commissioned the local art collective Jiu 
Society to express the audacious vision of the House through a striking 
reinterpretation of the famous portrait of the founder Jean Martell. Throughout 
the year, L'Atelier Martell Shenzhen plans a varied programme of events, 
including collaborations at the leading edge of lifestyle, food and fashion 


The concept of L'Atelier Martell reaches its fullest expression in the 
impressive array of personalised services and experiences, which put the client 
front and centre. Among the highlights is the Cognac from the Cask Experience, 
featuring a VSOP cognac created especially for L'Atelier Martell Shenzhen by 
Martell Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud. Shenzhen Exclusive Edition is a 
refined blend with subtle spicy notes, which pays tribute to China and pairs 
ideally with Chinese cuisine. Clients can draw it directly from a cask shipped 
from Cognac into their own montre bottle, which is then customized with their 
choice of cork and a hand-printed label.

L'Atelier Martell Shenzhen also provides a custom-engraving service which 
allows clients to mark a special occasion by personalising the bottle of House 
icon Martell Cordon Bleu with their chosen motif and message.

Another  original  experience  encourages a sensorial discovery of cognac. 
Clients lift a ceramic dome to reveal a small bowl containing one of four 
emblematic Martell cognacs: Martell Distinction, Martell Noblige, Martell 
Cordon Bleu and Martell XO. They can then simply appreciate each cognac's 
distinctive aromas, which are concentrated by the ceramic dome, or use a 
pipette to put a few drops on their wrist. The four cognacs are subsequently 
available to buy as part of the Martell miniatures collection, exclusive to 
L'Atelier Martell Shenzhen.

In the Art of Blending Area, around an interactive tasting table, a Martell 
Brand Ambassador leads expert blending sessions. The VSOP Blending Experience 
allows participants to create their own blend while experiencing at first hand 
the effect of different eaux-de-vie on the aromatic profile of a cognac. The 
Extra- Old Blending Experience, meanwhile, demonstrates the influence of 
terroir and spotlights the distinct characteristics of two prestigious crus: 
Borderies and Grande Champagne. Finally, the exceptional tasting session with 
Christophe Valtaud live from Cognac, which is held just once a year for a 
strictly limited number of participants, is an event not to be missed.


L'Atelier Martell Shenzhen integrates a range of digital features designed to 
elevate client experience, starting with the interactive screen on the façade, 
which displays engaging content about the House and encourages visitors to step 
inside. Within the boutique, in addition to the interactive tasting table, 
whose focus on heritage and savoir-faire includes a 360° tour of Martell's 
historic Château de Chanteloup, innovative "audio-tastings" offer a new way to 
enjoy Martell cognacs.

The entire L'Atelier Martell concept aims to create a complete experience, in 
which the physical and digital are seamlessly integrated in order to accompany 
clients in their exploration of Maison Martell. Thus, the personalised services 
offered by L'Atelier Martell Shenzhen are also available digitally through a 
dedicated mini-program on WeChat, supporting and enhancing the in-store 
experience both before and afterwards.


Opening times: 7/7, 10 am to 10 pm
Location: L123 store, L1 floor, Tower 1, One avenue, No. 348, Fuhua Road, 
Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China


The oldest of the great cognac houses, founded by Jean Martell in 1715, Maison 
Martell is renowned throughout the world for the finesse and elegance of its 
cognacs, the result of a legacy of savoir-faire handed down through nine 
generations. Together with a passion for its craft and a profound attachment to 
the terroir, Maison Martell is defined by the audacity with which it has 
pioneered new expressions of cognac – from the icon Martell Cordon Bleu in 1912 
to the trailblazing Martell Blue Swift today.


Maison Martell
Gaelle Marcel, 
SOURCE: Maison Martell