Country for PR: China
Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Thursday, September 17 2020 - 19:46
CIIE-themed airplane launched by China Eastern Airlines flies to 10 countries
SHANGHAI, Sept. 17, 2020 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

The high-profile China International Import Expo (CIIE)-themed airplane will 
fly to Sri Lanka, the last destination of its global tour, on Sept. 18.

The plane will fly to Beijing Daxing International Airport on Sept. 25 to mark 
the first anniversary of the airport's operation.

The special CIIE-themed aircraft was jointly launched by China Eastern Airlines 
(CEA) and the CIIE Bureau on July 2 and made its maiden flight to Pairs one day 
later, marking the beginning of its global tour.

Serving as the image ambassador of the CIIE during its global tour, the 
aircraft will fly to 10 countries, including France, Canada, the United 
Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and 
Sri Lanka, with a total range exceeding 100,000 kilometers.

Meanwhile, the CIIE-themed airplane has attracted great attention from 
international aviation enthusiasts for its gorgeous appearance and "Fly with 
CIIE" has become a hot topic on social media platforms.

A Boeing 777-300ER jet, which is CEA's international long-haul flagship 
aircraft with the largest passenger capacity, the longest range, and leading 
passenger service system, was chosen as the world's first CIIE-themed airplane.

The dominant tones of the colored aircraft were the shades of yellow and blue, 
which are also the theme colors of the CIIE. Besides, the CIIE's mascot panda 
"Jinbao" holding a four-leaf clover on the plane expresses good wishes to 
passengers from all over the world and promotes the CIIE's idea of openness and 

CIIE exhibitors from various countries expressed their expectations about the 
flight schedules of the plane after they were released.

Australian vitamin maker Blackmores has participated in the expo in the past 
two years and will take part in the third CIIE.

"It's a very important platform for international cooperation for all companies 
participating in the China International Import Expo. Encouraging exporters and 
importers to share some innovations and new products is also important," said 
the company's CEO Alastair Symington, expressing his expectation to attend the 
third CIIE in Shanghai.

Besides, CEA launched full-process featured services such as CIIE-themed 
passenger entertainment system, broadcast and boarding passes, and given a 
CIIE-themed makeover at overseas airports including CIIE mascot dolls, 
CIIE-themed airplane models, and billboards of the aircraft's global tour, 
providing an immersive experience for passengers. A large number of passengers 
stopped to take pictures.

CEA also chose the digit 115 as a lucky number, which indicates Nov. 5, the 
opening day of the expo, to present CIIE souvenirs to the passenger with the 
check-in serial number of 115 on the airplane's each flight.

The CIIE-themed plane will fly to Beijing Daxing International Airport on Sept. 
25 to mark the first anniversary of the airport's operation. It will also 
continue its domestic tour in major cities including Beijing, Shanghai, 
Guangzhou, Xi'an, and Kunming to support local governments and enterprises in 
attending and publicizing the CIIE. The plane will mainly operate flights 
between Beijing and Shanghai during the third CIIE from Nov. 5 to 10.

As the seventh-largest airline in the world and the largest main base airline 
in Shanghai, the host for the CIIE, CEA will play multi-roles of a sponsor, 
carrier, purchaser, and service provider.

CEA will seize the opportunities brought by the expo to realize "purchasing, 
flying and serving worldwide." It will continue to optimize the external 
cooperation of the aviation industry chain, serve the expo, and inject new 
vitality and new impetus into the internationalization strategy and 
high-quality development of enterprises for mutual benefits.

Source: China Eastern Airlines