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Sunday, September 27 2020 - 12:10
Auto China 2020: GWM Rebranded as Global Mobility Technology Company to Empower Intelligent Safety Experience
BEIJING, Sept. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

GWM (601633.SS/02333.HK), a leading automobile company in China, has formally 
announced to transform into a global mobility technology company. GWM has 
initiated a raft of major strategy upgrade including corporate culture, 
products, technology and marketing. At Auto China 2020, GWM reveals a refreshed 
image with new product lineup beefing up with leading new tech, including new 
models from NEV brand ORA, the HAVAL Dagou, the third generation of legendary 
HAVAL H6, F&L, POER pickup, HAVAL H9 and HAVAL F7&F7X, to face the future and 
compete in the global markets.

"This year is the turning point for HAVAL to usher in a new era. HAVAL moves 
forward to 'the No.1 professional SUV brand in the world', with the trust of 6 
million users around the world. HAVAL H6 won 87 monthly sales crowns among all 
competitors in the SUV segment in China," says Wen Fei, General Manager of 
Haval. "We officially launched the 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 a few weeks ago, showing 
the state-of-art tech to the global consumers. The HAVAL Dagou, a 3/4-scale 
vehicle, brings a new category choice for young users. These two new cars based 
on the latest GWM L.E.M.O.N. Platform, creating infinite potential for HAVAL."

The 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 leads high-level intelligent driving experience with 
five-dimensional upgrade in design, intelligence, power, safety, and comfort. 
It's gained instant popularity since launch, the sales volume has exceeded 
20,000 units since launch in less than a month. Among the early owners, female 
praise the rich intelligent driving assistance which is close to Level L3 
autonomous driving, while the male simply adore the intelligent connectivity 
like FOTA upgrade tech, and the unexpected performance of engine, transmission 
and chassis system.

Based on the concept of co-creation and "user development", the HAVAL Dagou, 
which became famous before it was launched, and successfully built its 
distinctive awareness, get its name, icon of Brand, configuration name and 
color name through online voting by users. And the whole lifecycle of HAVAL 
Dagou will be "co-created" by users. Users' choice in UI and UX will also be 
highly customizable in the future.

GWM POER EV model has been launched to demonstrate GWM's insight of future 
pickup industry. This EV model has been equipped with leading tech, including 
ternary lithium battery, the global first co-axial integrated electronic drive 
bridge. With max range of 405km, GWM POER EV, with 150KW of power and 300N·m of 
torque, is EV pickup with the longest range among pickup trucks sold in China.

The official name of P series pickup, POER which will be used in international 
markets, has been announced in this auto show. The word POER(pronounced as 
power) is inspired by the Chinese character Pao, and also comes from the word 
POWER in its middle English form. It can be interpreted to the acronyms of 
"powerful, off-road, enjoyable and reliable". GWM wants to build a vehicle that 
is powerful not just mechanically but also practically, that can go off-road, 
and the intelligent connectivity makes the ride always enjoyable, and 
intelligent safety to make it reliable in extreme conditions.

GWM also adopt multiple timezones live streaming technology to introduce the 
event to customers and business partners in Asia, Europe, South America, 
Africa, and Oceania. In addition, GWM connects International media live to 
demonstrate the new product lineup from an international perspective, and 
presents the grand occasion of the GWM booth at Auto China 2020.

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   Caption: GWM Showcases Its Signature 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 and HAVAL Dagou at 
Auto China 2020.


   Caption: GWM Reveals Official Name of P series PICKUP Model - POER and Its 
EV Model at Auto China 2020.

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