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Wednesday, September 30 2020 - 18:56
"Fall in Love with a City" - Delicacies and Enchanting Landscapes in Wenchang under a Live Camera
WENCHANG, China, Sept. 30, 2020 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/ --

According to Wenchang Convergence Media Center, on September 30, the live 
streaming activity - "Breakfast in Thousands of Cities, A Bite of Wenchang" 
under the theme of "Fall in Love with a City" was held in Wenchang, a famous 
hometown of overseas Chinese in China, with a desire to introduce special 
delicacies in Wenchang to netizens at home and abroad and experience the 
history and culture with Nanyang characteristics. The live streaming activity 
attracted 560,000 netizens. Benefiting from dazzling sorts of food and unique 
overseas Chinese hometown culture, Wenchang has become a new internet-famous 
city popular with netizens.

Located in the northeast of Hainan Free Trade Port, Wenchang is home to 
Wenchang Confucius Temple which was built more than 600 years ago and the first 
low-latitude coastal launch site in China. Wenchang boasts beautiful scenery, 
abundant cultural and tourist resources, and characteristic food. The famous 
Hainanese chicken rice which was spread over Southeast Asia in the late 19th 
century and in the early 20th century is a dish of poached Wenchang chicken and 
seasoned rice. 

As Wenchang is a well-known hometown of overseas Chinese, the multicultural 
fusion allows Wenchang to be a city of all kinds of delicious food. In the 
activity, the host visited arcades, old streets, and small lanes in Baoluo 
Town, Wencheng Town, and Puqian Town in Wenchang to taste local food. Down the 
ages, Wenchang people have been skilled in the ingenious mix of different 
flavors. For example, Baoluo rice noodles are somewhat salty and sweet, and 
tasty; the dregs vinegar, added with seafood, vinasse, and other local 
ingredients, is a perfect blend of several flavors like fresh, fragrant, sour, 
spicy, sweet, and salty; in the Old Dad's Tea culture, there are diverse 
choices for breakfast, which will make customers astonished. 

In this activity, delicious food in Wenchang was introduced. In addition, He 
Huanbao, Vice Mayor of Wenchang, was invited to give a detailed introduction to 
the 2020 Wenchang Travel and Shopping Carnival on National Day Holiday, and 
welcome netizens at home and abroad to visit Wenchang and appreciate attractive 

Source: Wenchang Convergence Media Center

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   Caption: Live Streaming for Delicacies at Old Dad's Tea in the Activity 
"Breakfast in Thousands of Cities, A Bite of Wenchang"