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LG Innotek's high-efficiency ferrite, Advancing the Era of Ultra-Slim OLED TVs Under 2cm Thick
SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- Ultra-slim TV and lightweight vehicles with improved energy efficiency 
- Reduced development period to 1/4 of projected time, achieving world-class 
- Internalization of core materials to provide differentiated customer value

LG Innotek announced on the 19th that it has successfully developed a 
high-efficiency ferrite with the lowest power loss in the world. This 
development has contributed to LG Innotek's dominance in the TV and vehicle 
power markets.

LG Innotek’s high-efficiency ferrite

Ferrite is a magnetic material with iron oxide as its primary raw material, and 
ferrite powder is hardened into a tile shape for industrial use. It is usually 
installed in TV power modules, vehicle power sources, and chargers (On Board 
Charge, OBC) to change the voltage or remove unnecessary signals generated by 
current surges. This provides a stable power supply to display panels for TVs 
and air conditioners, as well as audio systems for vehicles.

As home appliances and electric vehicles have become increasingly smaller and 
more functional, high-efficiency ferrite– which is advantageous for ultra-slim 
and high-efficiency products– is being touted as a next-generation material.

The high-efficiency ferrite developed by LG Innotek has a maximum of 40% less 
power loss from heat compared to general ferrite. In addition, its low-loss 
characteristics are maintained at temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius to 140 
degrees Celsius, giving it the advantage of realizing perfect quality in 
high-temperature TV interiors and various driving environments.

- Ultra-slim TV and lightweight vehicles with improved energy efficiency

LG Innotek's high-efficiency ferrite is advantageous in making ultra-slim TVs 
and reducing the weight of vehicles to increase fuel efficiency for electric 
and hydrogen vehicles.

Using this material allows a 60% reduction in TV thickness by making the TV 
power module only 9.9mm, the thinnest in the world. The normal thickness of a 
65-inch ultra-slim OLED TV equipped with a general power module is about 
46.9mm. When a high-efficiency ferrite power module is applied, the thickness 
can be reduced to 20mm or less. This is because the number of components for 
securing the required power is reduced by 1/3 due to low power loss.

In addition, high-efficiency ferrite can increase the energy efficiency of TV 
power modules up to 5%points. As the energy efficiency of a component 
increases, heat generation is reduced and the damage caused by heat minimized, 
thereby extending the life of the component.

When this product is applied to a vehicle DC-DC converter, the volume and 
weight of the converter can be reduced by 10% compared to the previous model, 
and the energy efficiency of the converter can be increased up to 1.2%points. 

It also helps reduce the risk of fire due to the overheating of vehicle power. 
The low heat generation of high-efficiency ferrite can lower the temperature of 
components by up to 20 degrees Celsius compared to previous models.

- Reduced development period to 1/4 of projected time, achieving world-class 

In the field of ferrite, Japanese companies have dominated the market with the 
No. 1 technology in the world. However, Japanese products have been expensive 
and difficult to supply.

In response to this, LG Innotek became fully engaged in the development of 
high-efficiency ferrite starting in 2018. Since LG Innotek decided it would be 
difficult to close the gap with Japanese products using existing development 
methods, LG Innotek has applied simulation techniques such as digital 
transformation (DX) and artificial intelligence (AI) methods to design 
materials for the first time in the industry.

LG Innotek automates the process of finding the best-performing material 
composition ratio with supercomputers, greatly reducing the time and frequency 
of experiments while enhancing the accuracy of results. In the past, 
researchers conducted thousands of direct experiments to find the optimal 
ratio, which took a long time and was susceptible to user errors.

By making active investments in employing the latest software, technical 
advices, and industry-university cooperation, LG Innotek has successfully 
shortened their development period from a projected four years to only one year 
and four months.

- Internalization of core materials to provide differentiated customer value

LG Innotek's strategy is to strengthen its competitiveness by expanding the 
application of high-efficiency ferrite, a core material for its products.

In addition, LG Innotek is actively pushing ahead with promotional activities 
for global electronic companies and automakers with the aim of mass production 
of materials in the first half of next year. Also, in order to solidify its 
position as the No. 1 technology company in the field of high-efficiency 
ferrite, LG Innotek is spurring the advanced development of materials with 
improved performance based on approximately 120 related patents.

"It is a significant achievement that LG Innotek's unique method of 
internalizing core materials in a short time has enabled us to provide a stable 
product supply with the best performance and quality to customers," said Bae 
Seok, a research fellow of Magnetic Components Task in LG Innotek's CTO 
Division. "We will continue to provide differentiated value to our customers by 
utilizing magnetic materials," he continued.

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