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Wednesday, October 21 2020 - 01:00
Detect-It LLC Launches Coder-Free Neural Net Life Cycle Management Solution
OAK PARK, Michigan, Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- Artificial Intelligence for everyone to make life easier, safer and more 

Detect-It LLC today launched its smart software product, Detect-It(TM) 
Net-Developer. Net-Developer is an enterprise-wide Neural Net Life Cycle 
Management solution that does not require coders or programmers to create, 
deploy and manage neural networks (Detect-It-Nets). Detect-It-Net Powered Smart 
Products will deploy first to Industrial and Automotive Manufactures followed 
by releases in the Municipal and Consumer markets. 

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"I wanted to bring the power of AI down to the level of the common person, to 
help benefit them with Smart Products in their daily lives. I also knew for our 
products to be successful, they'd have to NOT be dependent on programmers or 
coders. So, the idea of a platform-independent, code-free development tool that 
could allow us to work together toward the creation and betterment of the 
Detect-It-Nets that power all our products was born."
~ Kevin Kerwin, President, Detect-It LLC

Detect-It-Nets learn and adapt to evolving customer needs and environmental 
changes. With each Detection, Detect-It-Nets get smarter. The more people use 
Detect-It-Nets the more accurate and beneficial they become. In addition, users 
can request new, custom Detect-It-Nets through the Detect-It(TM) app which can 
be trained and rolled out to the entire Detect-It(TM) user base. The ways 
Detect-It(TM) can be used to help businesses and users is nearly limitless.

Detect-It(TM) will come to market in 4 ways:

    -- Packaged Hardware/Software Products for the Industrial,
       Municipal and Consumer Market Segments with an eye toward
       Medical and Military.
    -- Monthly Lease/Licensing for use of Detect-It-Nets downloaded
       from the Detect-It(TM) Web Net Store and Licensing of
       Detect-It-Nets to other companies. 
    -- Monthly subscriptions for use of Detect-It(TM) Net Developer's
       cloud-based enterprise software modules. 
    -- Custom Solutions for industrial, municipal and consumer markets.

Detect-It(TM) will initially be integrated by ARKK Engineering Inc. in the 
industrial/manufacturing/municipal markets. ARKK Engineering Inc. has a 35-year 
history as a global provider of industrial systems design, integration and 
engineering services. ARKK Engineering Inc. has an extensive customer base 
including almost all major automotive manufactures and Tier 1 suppliers. 

Detect-It, LLC is a hardware/software company that specializes in Artificial 
Intelligence and Neural Network Technology. Detect-It(TM) makes products that 
make processes and tasks more accurate, efficient and profitable to make your 
life easier, safer and more productive. 


CONTACT: Detect-It LLC, Kevin Kerwin, President, +1 248-548-7050,; Detect-It LLC, Rick DiLoreto, Director of Marketing 
and Communications, +1 248-548-7050,