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Wednesday, October 28 2020 - 09:29
New Cybersecurity Center comes online at precisely the right time at PMU
AL-KHOBAR, Saudi Arabia, October 28, 2020, /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

As the world continues to become ever more dependent on digital presence, 
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University's (PMU) has established the Cybersecurity 
Center to develop trainings and curricula for students, faculty, and 
professionals to secure their vital virtual networks.

"The global pandemic may have put some plans on hold, but has also highlighted 
the importance of a secure digital presence. Universities contribute in terms 
of training the cybersecurity workforce and researching new security-related 
areas, concepts, and technologies," says PMU President. The turn of the decade 
has served as a catalyst for the increasing importance of I.T, and its 
security. Data online is not so simple to protect as just having a complicated 
password and changing it frequently, and no individual or community is immune 
from security breaches.

Personal data is that which is most commonly stolen. This can range from just a 
name or email address, to far more sensitive information such as credit card 
numbers or secure logins. Though anti-malware software's can help, they often 
provide a false sense of security rather than foolproof protection. "Security 
has become an inseparable part of the software development lifecycle," the 
Center Director says. "Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are also 
bringing more sophisticated methods for threat detection. However, at the same 
time, being weaponized by cybercriminals to develop complex malware and attack 
methods." Cognizance of such vulnerabilities is increasing, and the Center is 
building awareness through workshops, trainings, and focused Curricula. This 
mission is at the heart of the centers' offerings.

A first of many:

Trainings have included introduction to cybersecurity, cloud computing - data 
storage and computing power that is accessible over the internet - as well as 
certifications in "ethical hacking" (CEH).

International alliances have allowed the center to expand its available 
resources to include a number of trainings and seminars. Additionally, seminars 
have discussed the current state of Cybersecurity, challenges and opportunities 
for Saudi women in Cybersecurity, as well as the ideas and practices involved 
with ethical hacking. 

Looking forward:

To prepare students, faculty, and professionals for the evolving nature of the 
virtual world and cybersecurity, the center's offerings include penetration 
testing certifications (CPENT), firewall configuration, Capture the Flag (CTF) 
skillset challenges, training for national and international competitions.
A state of the art lab is also under development for conducting hundreds of 
practical exercises and skill enhancement programs.

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