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Friday, October 30 2020 - 00:42
Baise Key Development and Opening Pilot Zone in Guangxi in Full Preparation
BAISE, China, Oct. 29, 2020 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Guangxi Baise held the Baise Key Development and Opening Pilot Zone in Guangxi 
(Shenzhen) Promotion Conference & the "Greater Bay Area Enterprise Settlement 
in Baise" Project Investment Signing Ceremony in Shenzhen recently. A total of 
39 projects were successfully signed with a total investment of 39.653 billion 
yuan, according to the Publicity Department of Baise Municipality.

In March 2020, the State Council of China approved the establishment of Baise 
Key Development and Opening Pilot Zone in Guangxi. On April 15, the National 
Development and Reform Commission of China issued the Implementation Plan for 
the Construction of Baise Key Development and Opening Pilot Zone in Guangxi. As 
the eighth full-area border key development and opening pilot zone in China and 
the country's first prefecture-level one, the construction of Baise Pilot Zone 
has attracted much attention.

Baise Pilot Zone covers the whole urban area of Baise, with a total area of 
36,300 square kilometers and a total population of 4,226,800. It will set up 
two national border ports (Longbang and Pingmeng) and seven border residents 
mutual trade zones (spots) like Yuexu. The pilot zone will build a full-scale 
development and open pattern of "three zones and one axis", namely: open 
leading zone, key development zone, green development zone, and linkage 
development axis.

The open leading zone mainly includes the three border counties (cities) of 
Jingxi, Napo, and Debao, where it aims to construct open platforms such as 
cross-border economic cooperation zones and comprehensive bonded zones to 
create export-oriented industrial clusters. The key development zone mainly 
include Youjiang District, Tianyang District, Tiandong County, and Pingguo 
City, focusing on the development of characteristic and advantageous 
agriculture, integration of coal, electricity and aluminum, machinery 
manufacturing, biomedicine, new materials, trade, and logistics. The green 
development zone mainly includes five counties: Lingyun, Leye, Tianlin, 
Longlin, and Xilin, focusing on promoting the construction of a longevity 
healthcare belt in western Guangxi, a cross-provincial cooperation park, and a 
modern characteristic agricultural demonstration zone. The linkage development 
axis takes Chongqing-Guiyang-Baise Expressway and railway connecting to Vietnam 
as the main channel, actively participates in the construction of the new 
western China land-sea channel, and strives to build a high-quality linkage 
development axis that integrates channels and industries.

Baise has established a special work group for the setup of Baise Pilot Zone, 
and it will adopt the work methods of "wall chart based operations", "list 
management", "rotated advancement", and "designated responsibility" to advance 
the construction of the pilot zone. With internal organization and external 
conditions in place, the construction of Baise Pilot Zone is ready for 
full-scale advancement.

Source: The Publicity Department of Baise Municipality

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