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Tuesday, November 03 2020 - 12:00
Dole Appoints Barbara Guerpillon As Head of Dole Ventures
SINGAPORE, Nov. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

-- Joins with impressive track record from Unilever, in connecting 
entrepreneurs and start-ups to create shared value

In a first for Dole Asia Holdings Pte. Ltd., Barbara Guerpillon has been 
appointed Head of Dole Ventures across both packaged foods and its fresh 
businesses.  Based in Singapore, the global strategic role is designed to 
enable profitable business growth through start-up led innovations and the 
creation of entrepreneurial networks worldwide, all to support The Dole Promise 
with its ambitious goals in nutrition, sustainability and the creation of 
shared value. 

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Pier Luigi Sigismondi, President of Dole Packaged Foods, LLC, says Ms 
Guerpillon's talent and experience will bring a significant boost to Dole's 
drive to transform its business in line with The Dole Promise. "We have given 
ourselves five years to deliver on our ambitious goals. These include providing 
sustainable nutrition for a billion people, the elimination of processed sugar 
from our products, zero fruit loss from our farms, zero emissions and zero 
fossil-based packaging." 
"Each of those goals is heroic, but we believe each is possible, as long as we 
keep our eyes, ears and doors open to people with the smart ideas and 
innovations that can move us quickly forward. Barbara has a real talent for 
moving great ideas and entrepreneurs through a disciplined innovation pipeline 
and we are very excited to have her on our team at the helm of Ventures.

Christian Wiegele, President Dole Asia Fresh, said, "This is an important 
appointment across both our Fresh and Packaged businesses, reflecting our 
ambition to partner with innovators, and to open up opportunities for immense 
evolution as we find significant ways to continue to make our business a force 
for good. One of the venture spaces I am personally excited about is Agri-tech, 
which I believe can significantly contribute to The Dole Promise we made 
earlier this year."

"Barbara, in her role, will also work very closely with Johann Albano, who we 
recently promoted as Innovation Lead for our Asia Fresh business." 

Ms Guerpillon brings to Dole a strong track record with the Unilever Foundry, 
which connected corporate innovation, entrepreneurship and technology to 
accelerate innovation and effectively pilot new technologies and product 
innovations.  During her tenure she delivered 120 projects with start-ups 
resulting in 25 pilots including nine product innovations, three retail 
Innovations and four direct-to-consumer pilots.

Ms Guerpillon says Dole's clear signal is that it is open for innovation, with 
its planned Sunshine for All Investment Fund an example of Dole's willingness 
to work with innovators, start-ups and progressive partners to help deliver on 
The Dole Promise. 

"Our message is simple. We believe in the power of partnerships and we are 
seriously in the place of working with start-ups to live up to our Promise. I 
agree the goals are ambitious, but I have yet to meet leaders who lacked 
ambition. We bring decades of experience in food production, nutritional 
science, packaging, supply chain logistics and fast-moving consumer goods, so 
our ability to fund, run and evaluate pilots will, I believe, be very 
attractive to the rising generations of smart thinkers. We want to hear from 
both investors and start-ups around the world" said Ms Guerpillon.

About The Dole Promise 

In June 2020 Dole announced The Dole Promise, with its three pillars around 
nutrition, sustainability and the creation of shared value.

Better for People: Access to sustainable nutrition for 1 billion people by 
2025, moving towards zero processed sugar in all Dole products by 2025.
Better for Planet: zero fruit loss from Dole farms to markets by 2025, zero 
fossil-based plastic packaging by 2025. net zero carbon emissions in Dole 
operations by 2030
Better for all Stakeholders: Dole will continue to positively impact all 
farmers, communities and people working for Dole – through its commitment to 
equal opportunity, living wages, and an ever-increasing level of safety, 
nutrition, and wellbeing. The company also seeks to advance human rights within 
the direct operations and supply chains by building a culture of transparency 
and accountability. The company also aims for a 50% increase in the value of 
its business by 2025.

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