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Wednesday, November 18 2020 - 20:33
CRRC's 400km/h Cross-border Interconnection High-speed Train Rolls Off Assembly Line at CRRC Changchun
BEIJING, Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC, 1766.HK), one of the world's leading rail 
transportation equipment providers, has announced that its 400km/h cross-border 
interconnection high-speed train has rolled off the assembly line at CRRC 
Changchun, a regional division of CRRC. A milestone in China's high-speed 
railway equipment development, this new train is capable of operating between 
international railways, possessing different climates, gauges, and power supply 
standards. Meanwhile, it also boasts advanced features such as energy 
efficiency, active safety, and intelligent maintenance.

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Components Demonstration of CRRC’s 400km/h Cross-border Interconnection 
High-speed Train
Accuracy Data of CRRC’s 400km/h Cross-border Interconnection High-speed Train
CRRC’s 400km/h Cross-border Interconnection High-speed Train Wheels Unlocking
CRRC’s 400km/h Cross-border Interconnection High-speed Trains Met Demo
Snow Melting System of CRRC’s 400km/h Cross-border Interconnection High-speed 

Variable Gauge Technology for Cross-border and Regional Interconnection

Of the different gauge standards in the world, there are four major gauges - 
standard gauge (1,435mm), Russian wide gauge (1,520mm), European wide gauge 
(1,676mm), and meter gauge (1,067mm). Currently, when ordinary trains are in 
transit between countries with different gauge standards, it is necessary to 
replace the train's bogie before crossing the border, taking up both time and 

"Previously, when rail changes occurred, the train's body had to be lifted in 
order to replace the bogie, a process that generally takes two to three hours 
and even longer if debugging time is included", said Wang Lei, Senior Design 
Expert at CRRC. "With our new high-speed train, there is no longer this need 
because the body and bogie, as well as the traction and network systems, are 
not separate and all-in-one. This extremely seamless, time-saving feature is a 
game-changer in international rail systems." 

Crediting to the gauge-changing bogies, this train can complete track-change 
operations while in transit, thus greatly improving the efficiency of 
cross-border intermodal transportation and reducing transportation costs. 
During the offline ceremony, the new train carried out a live demonstration of 
the bogie exchange, taking only a few minutes to complete as the train 
simultaneously continued its operations. Meanwhile, the train's strong 
environmental adaptability enables it to operate in temperatures ranging from 
-50 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. It can also run under different 
traction power supply systems and railway transportation standards, achieving 
interconnection with 90% of global railway networks.

A Green Train: Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly

By leveraging comprehensive energy-saving technologies, the new train is able 
to reduce its average energy consumption per kilometer by 10% and its noise by 
two decibels under the same speed. This means that when the train is running at 
400km/h, the energy consumption and noise levels remain the same as a train at 
350km/h. It also does not increase energy consumption whilst increasing speed.

An Intelligent System for Guaranteed Safety 

Leveraging intelligent composite sensor technology, big data, and feature 
extraction technology, the new train can intelligently assess and evaluate its 
operations while running, and is equipped with an early warning alarm system. 
With the vehicle-mounted equipment, vehicle-ground data transmission, and 
track-ground system, a full life cycle management platform integrating 
vehicle-ground can be built to provide suggestions for train operations and 
maintenance, realizing active safety measures and intelligent maintenance.

CRRC's 400km/h high-speed train is a major achievement in both speed and 
interconnection, paving the way forward for continued advances in railway 
Midline Alignment of CRRC’s 400km/h Cross-border Interconnection High-speed 
CRRC’s 400km/h Cross-border Interconnection High-speed Train Rolls Off Assembly 
Line at CRRC Changchun
Gauge Change Demo of CRRC's 400km/h Cross-border Interconnection High-speed 
CRRC's 400km/h Cross-border Interconnection High-speed Train Midline 
Re-alignment Demonstration

About CRRC

CRRC (CRRC Corporation Limited) is one of the world's largest rail 
transportation equipment companies, with annual sales revenue of RMB 229.01 
billion in 2019. It has provided products and services to more than 100 
countries and regions, and established 15 international R&D centers. CRRC has 
set up local manufacturing bases in the US, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, 
Turkey, India, among other countries. As of 2019, CRRC has ranked 359th among 
the Fortune Global 500 companies. For more information, please visit
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