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Friday, November 20 2020 - 01:00
endpoint and McCreadie Group Software Integration Reduces Drug Speed to Market and Streamlines Research Pharmacy Workflows
SAN FRANCISCO and ANN ARBOR, Mich., Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

endpoint Clinical ( 
), the leading global interactive response technology (IRT(R)) company, and 
McCreadie Group ( 
), the market leader in automating manual processes in Investigational Drug 
Services (IDS), have collaborated to increase study product accountability 
transparency for study sponsors, reduce site burdens associated with clinical 
study IMP management, and improve related data integrity via carefully balanced 
interfacing of McCreadie's site-based Vestigo(R) application and endpoint's 

The collaboration will leverage the unique investigational product 
accountability features of the Vestigo site-focused software and PULSE 
software's drug supply management features of IRT implementations.  

"Hearing issues raised by sponsors regarding the disposition of the study 
product and having an understanding of the valuable data Vestigo(R) provides, 
we knew there was a unique opportunity to partner together," said Ryan Keane ( 
), CCO, endpoint. "The convenience that sites gain by reduced training and time 
savings associated with avoidance of logging transactions in multiple 
applications is an obvious win-win situation." 

The powerful combination of Vestigo and PULSE, when integrated, will deliver 
significant benefits to sponsors alongside an exceptional site experience. 
Sponsors will benefit through improved data integrity consistent in format, 
lowered risk of protocol deviations due to data validation checks, access to 
site inventory levels, and visibility of IP disposition, including return and 
destruction information. All these benefits help to achieve faster data 
closeout. Site pharmacy teams will gain efficiency by eliminating the need to 
access multiple systems to document drug receipt, dispensing, and final 
disposition. All the data entered by site pharmacists will be automatically 
populated via the integration.  

"Having managed busy research pharmacy sites for several years before joining 
McCreadie, I can attest that the integration of Vestigo and PULSE will improve 
the efficiency of IDS operations," says Richard Malone ( 
), Business Development Executive at McCreadie Group. "Elimination of duplicate 
work and streamlining daily functions such as the receipt of shipments and 
documentation of IMP dispensing, returns, destruction, and other status changes 
allows IDS staff members to shift focus to other duties. Equally as significant 
is the resulting improvement in integrity and timeliness of data that should 
benefit all parties involved, including sponsors (and their partners), 
monitors, site personnel, and patients." 

It is widely recognized that the traditional models of system interaction rely 
too heavily upon site staff, serving as almost a physical point of integration, 
and are rapidly becoming outmoded. This new approach of directly interfacing 
site-owned software with the sponsor and CRO provisioned solutions like IRT 
represents an exciting new dimension to help drive best practices across the 

About McCreadie  
The McCreadie Group, Inc. was founded in 2004 to provide software solutions for 
pharmacy applications in healthcare, research, and educational settings. 
McCreadie Group's goal is to drive improvements in quality, efficiency, safety, 
and compliance in the pharmacy profession by delivering innovative software and 
consultative support. To learn more about McCreadie Group and its products, 

About endpoint 

endpoint is an interactive response technology (IRT(R)) systems and solutions 
provider that supports the life sciences industry.  For the past decade, their 
customer-obsessed team of professionals has been continuously evolving their 
suite of technologies to help Sponsors achieve clinical trial success.  Their 
dynamic IRT solution, PULSE (R), for patient randomization and management, site 
management, and drug supply management and leading-edge clinical supplies 
management tool, DRIVE, has proven to maximize the supply chain and minimize 
operational costs, and ensure timely and accurate patient dosing. endpoint is 
headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices across the US, EU, and 

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endpoint Clinical 

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