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Friday, November 20 2020 - 13:00
Changsha: Innovation Highland for China New Media
CHANGSHA, China, Nov. 20, 2020 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

On 19th November, China New Media Conference 2020 was successfully held in 
Changsha, drawing the attention from the whole China New Media industry on 
Changsha again. Changsha has successively held two New Media Conference since 
last year, which manifests Changsha's great aspiration of becoming the leading 
city in China New Media industry, according to the Publicity Department of 
Changsha Municipal Committee.

China New Media Conference 2020 mainly displayed the representative products 
and technologies, including 4K restoration technique for classic films, 
real-time AI sign language news report, application of 5G+VR industrial 
rendering technology in advanced manufacturing field, 5G intelligent radio 
station, and 4K UHDV technology and panoramic sound effects. All these 
innovative achievements are the fruits of the cluster effect of Changsha in the 
layout of video culture and creative industries.

Malanshan Video Cultural Park, which relies on internet technologies and 
focuses on video culture, is an innovation highland established by Changsha in 
recent years. After two years of development, it has soon become a cultural and 
creative gathering area, with digital video as its leading industry. During the 
epidemic period, Malanshan Video Cultural Park helped a group of leading 
enterprises with their site selection and settlement by online inviting 
tenders, online negotiation and online contract signing. So far, 1462 new 
enterprises have registered, among which, 18 are Global 500 and renowned listed 
companies, including 4 main board listed companies namely MANGO EXCELLENT 

This year, a hit show named 'Sisters Who Brave the Winds and Waves' ignited the 
China's summer. It is a high-quality variety show produced by MANGO EXCELLENT 
MEDIA in Malanshan Video Cultural Park. Owing to its high popularity, MANGO 
EXCELLENT MEDIA's market value has exceeded 130 billion yuan.      

With a sudden rise of AI, Malanshan Video Cultural Park keeps following the 
development of technological innovation and making itself cutting-edge. A few 
days ago, there was a "new friend" in government affairs hall of Kaifu 
district, Changsha. It can provide 24-hour sign language service for hearing 
impaired in the hall. This high-tech product is invented by Malanshan Hunan 
Qianbo Information Technology Co. Ltd..       

Hunan Qianbo Information Technology Co. Ltd. has devoted itself in the research 
and development of "virtual sign language anchor" technology, which has been 
widely applied in live news columns. Their products have been purchased by a 
great number of media, schools and government affairs halls. In October 2020, 
Qianbo Information Technology Co. Ltd. has reached the consensus with UNOSSC on 
the application of AI sign language translation technology and sign language IT 
project for hearing impaired.

In the future, the layout of Changsha New Media industry will become an 
important engine for fulfilling the goal of high-quality economic development. 
Changsha will also speed up the pace to realize its goal of becoming the 
innovation highland of China New Media industry.

Source: The Publicity Department of Changsha Municipal Committee

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   Caption: Staff in Qianbo Information Technology Co. Ltd. is introducing 
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