Country for PR: China
Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Tuesday, November 24 2020 - 22:05
In the name of literature, Nanjing multi-dimensionally interprets the beauty of the city of literature
NANJING, China, Nov. 24, 2020 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

"I am in New Zealand to send my best wishes to Nanjing." "On behalf of Seattle, 
I warmly congratulate Nanjing on the first anniversary of joining the citites 
of literature." "Thank Nanjing for the books to Sulaymaniyah during the 
epidemic." On the first anniversary of Nanjing's successful declaration of the 
World City of Literature in 2020, representatives from 34 Cities of Literature 
around the world thanked Nanjing for its contribution to exchanges and 
cooperation through the video. 

On October 31, 2019, Nanjing became China's first "World City of Literature". 
Joining the "Circle of Friends", Nanjing has contributed to the development of 
world literature with rich historical and cultural heritage and strong youthful 
vitality. From the "Center of World Culture" to "City of Literature", two 
cultural business cards, ancient and modern, witness the prosperity and 
extension of Nanjing's cultural heritage and demonstrate the confidence of 
Nanjing's culture, according to the Nanjing City of Literature Promotion Center.

In 2020, Nanjing adheres to the concept of a Community of Shared Future for 
Mankind, and uses creativity and responsibility to open up a new path of mutual 
assistance between cities, and connect the cities with the bond of literature.

In early February, the world was proposed to design an inspirational poster for 
Wuhan against the epidemic; on April 23, the World Book Day initiated the 
"Reading Classics" Activity; in early June, the initiative "One City One 
Scenery" Postcard Activity quickly won the response of 34 cities around the 
world. This activity was listed as a key activity of the network by UNESCO and 
highly praised.

In October, the "2020 Nanjing Literature Season" organized by the Nanjing City 
of Literature Promotion Association brought people an excellent literary 
experience through more than 100 activities in four cities. "Walking City of 
Literture" collects four series treaures of "Listening, Watching, Showing, and 
Enjoying", integrating the unique characteristic, and the number of people 
experiencing it exceeds 5 million. "Following the masterpiece travel Nanjing" 
vividly interprets Nanjing's famous literary works in the way of "Real Scene 
Performance Live". The "Drama City" ushered in the youthful return of the Dahua 
Theater, with more than 60 dramas in nearly 100 performances in the performance 
season, allowing 60,000 people to enjoy. The "Book City" links major libraries, 
colleges, and reading spaces to enhance the overall urban scholarly atmosphere. 
The "Creativity City" gathers literary elites in the domestic and even global 
literary circles to talk about literary creation and share literary 
achievements. "2020 Night of Literture " gathered Ye Zhaoyan, Su Tong, Han Dong 
and other famous writers to witness the return of the Youth Literature Award 
and the announcement of the "Annual City of Literture Power".

Literature penetrates into the city, blends into life, and brings warmth and 
comfort to the world...Nanjing, as City of Literture, has plenty of ways to 
open up, and there is always one that will surprise you.

Source: Nanjing City of Literature Promotion Association