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Wednesday, November 25 2020 - 11:07
#AsiaRocks Brings Together APAC's Ecosystem Players In Discussion of Funding Scene under COVID and of Global Talent Planning
TAIPEI, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire-Asianet/ --

The actual #AsiaRocks exhibition has officially come to an end, but the 
contents are still available for access online here and the forum here.

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In one fireside chat, four cross-border investors discussed the impact of 
COVID-19 on Startup Funding. For investors and venture capitals (VCs) that 
specifically invest in internet-themed companies, this year has actually been a 
rather good year for them. Not only is the industry least affected, COVID has 
further accelerated the adoption of mobile technology.

"Crisis pushes human race to opportunity," says Yan. "The prevalence of online 
business calls opens up opportunities as there are no needs to fly," Akio adds. 
Majority of the speakers made paperless investments without in-person meetings 
this year.

The startup scene in Taiwan is like no other this year. "Taiwan's successful 
combat against COVID-19 has put itself on the global map. People are now 
gravitating towards Taiwan. There are great opportunities for businesses here," 
says Yan. Opportunities emerge with challenges, and competitions increase with 
opportunities; whichever startups that are able to react to market needs 
quicker will take the lead.

In another fireside chat, speakers from global human resources (HR) group, 
traditional corporate, and startup, shared their perspectives on global talent 
sourcing and management.

Two aspects often used to evaluate potential hires are "cultural fit" and 
"qualifications". "Culture is difficult to create in a small team. Companies 
must find it in the beginning and build it after", says Cindy Chen, the 
Regional Head of The Adecco Group Taiwan and Korea.

If there's one central function HR should act as, it is to "be water", says 
David Lin, Vice President of Strategic Human Resources at Vpon Big Data Group. 
"The office could be a platform for people to gather, but it should not be the 
only work space. Employees would like and should have the ability to work from 
anywhere," adds Kevin Chiu, Senior HR Director of PAP Region at Acer.

A workplace is defined by its people. "You can't go wrong with respecting 
different cultures and the dynamism. Our local partners are given a lot of 
space and flexibility to reach a common value," concludes Kevin. COVID pushes 
the government and HRs to make changes toward digitalization, and the market is 
to see the everlasting impact of it.

Once again, #AsiaRocks successfully brings together the key ecosystem builders, 
VCs, and industry executives to navigate startups through Asia's startup 
ecosystems, providing clearer understandings of the startup funding landscapes 
and the know-hows on global talent planning. Next year, #AsiaRocks will 
continue to engage key partners in discovering new trends and in exploring best 
practices from the region.


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   Caption: (In alphabetical order) Akio Tanaka - Founding Partner at Infinity 
Venture Partners, Michael Karbouris - Head of Strategy for Buy and Sell Side 
Technology at Nasdaq, William Bao Bean - General Partner of SOSV and Managing 
Director of MOX and Chinaccelerator, and Yan Lee - Managing Partner at Hive 
Ventures; moderated by Catherine Lu