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Thursday, November 26 2020 - 13:12
Symonite Solutions Creates Hi-Tech Panelised Facade Systems
AUCKLAND, Nov. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- Modular facade solutions designed to drastically reduce installation time and 
save money

Symonite Solutions is a hi-tech design, fabrication and installation business 
that started working in modernising facade systems, specifically for the New 
Zealand market. Already present in the market of complex facades for 20 years, 
it created solutions for multi-storey residential and commercial building 

(photo caption: Symonite Solutions Creates Hi-Tech Panelised Facade Systems)

General manager, Stijn Van den Eeden, has been in the business for over 25 
years, and explains the advantages as follows: 

"It is an immense opportunity for almost any developer, contractor or designer 
to replace the traditional, slow and defect-prone facade solutions for an 
alternative that is better performing, faster and in many cases also cheaper. 
By working modular we can reduce the installation time on site with several 
months on multi-storey residential and commercial buildings. The steel-framed 
frames are coming in typical sizes up to 10m long and 3.5m high. "

Available solutions consist of confined, floating and overcladding systems

-  Wide range of cladding options
-  Different joinery solutions  
-  Array of add-ons such as louvers, juliette balconies, etc.

Stijn Van den Eeden highlights, "By liaising with overseas suppliers, we have 
been able to tap into existing knowledge and experience and its exactly that 
proprietary IP that has allowed us to offer all the advantages at a great 
price. From our side, we have had to invest in testing, training and 
development, but that is finally paying off. 

The scope for the use of these systems are building with minimum 4-5 storeys, 
rectangular shaped or with balconies, for both commercial and residential use. "

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Source: Symonite Solutions