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Monday, November 30 2020 - 12:30
Taiwan Top Choice in Asia for Post-Pandemic Travel
TAIPEI, Nov. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Japanese Corporation Crowned 2020 Asia Super Team: Reach for the Stars Champion 

The Asia Super Team competition, organized by "Taiwan's Bureau of Foreign 
Trade", "Ministry of Economic Affairs" and executed by "Taiwan External Trade 
Development Council", promotes incentive travel in Taiwan by revealing Taiwan's 
numerous attractions through a variety of different themes and contests since 
2013. At the 2020 championship press conference on November 26, results of the 
event's Asia Incentive Tourism Destination in the Post-Pandemic Era Survey were 
announced, in addition to the champion team -- JTB Global Marketing & Travel 
from Japan, winning an incentive travel package valued at US$50,000.


Asia Incentive Tourism Destination in the Post-Pandemic Era Survey Results

The impact of COVID-19's grounding of cross-border travel in 2020 has caused 
many companies across the world to cancel their incentive travel plans. MEET 
TAIWAN surveyed Asian corporate business travelers to gauge their interest for 
incentive travel in light of the global pandemic. The results of 3,939 valid 
questionnaire responses showed that once the dust settles after the epidemic, 
90% of corporate employees in eight Asian countries look forward to company 
incentive travel plans, indicating that after the end of the lockdown business 
traveler demand for incentive travel is stronger than ever before.

Of particular note, more than 80% of Asian business travelers will prioritize 
the integrity of local disease prevention measures when they participate in 
future incentive travel, and public security will be a second priority; this 
shows that the pandemic has prompted companies to focus on safety factors when 
choosing their next incentive travel destination. Statistically, Taiwan is 
rated as the top destination for incentive travel among Asian companies and 
countries due to its rich tourism resources and spectacular disease prevention 
success. Up to 99% of business travelers expressed confidence in Taiwan's 
disease prevention and safety, which will be a boon to the country's tourism 
after the epidemic.

With regard to incentive travel itineraries, most survey respondents expressed 
their preferences for cuisine and local cultural experiences, followed by 
sights of historical significance. The survey answers will assist Taiwan with 
future preparation and marketing after the epidemic, in addition to serving as 
reference for other interested international destination providers. The Asia 
Super Team competition continues to achieve breakthroughs and innovations. It 
has attracted multiple target markets through diverse, creative, and integrated 
marketing. The continued implementation of creative marketing contributes to 
making Taiwan a prime destination for exhibitions and incentive travel in Asia.

Japanese Team Wins Reach for the Stars Championship

This year saw Asia Super Team held as an exclusively online competition for the 
first time. Elite corporations from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, 
Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam participated in the event, 
completing the online Reach for the Stars challenge in a week-long contest. The 
onslaught of COVID-19 was overcome by developing a brand-new format of 
innovative competition that overturned past approaches, using novel 
technological elements and digital tools to promote and generate buzz for 
incentive travel in Taiwan. The championship finale incorporated online 
contests and voting. JTB Global Marketing & Travel won the 2020 championship 
and incentive travel package valued at US$50,000. It was a climactic ending and 
soon their company employees will enjoy incentive travel in Taiwan after the 

For more information about the Asia Super Team competition, visit the official 
website at


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