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Friday, November 27 2020 - 21:14
5G Promotes the Upgrading of Traditional Industries and New Smart Digital Life
GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

A report from Science and Technology Daily | IUSTC: 

On the morning of November 25, "5G and Media Industry Change and Transformation 
Forum" of 2020 World 5G Convention was held in Guangzhou. 

The Chief Official of Science and Technology Daily, pointed out in his opening 
remark that media should be the "pioneer" in the 5G era, accelerate the 
application of 5G technology in the media sector and create a good public 
opinion for the application of 5G technology. Media also need to use objective 
and rigorous works to transmit scientific and rational points of view to the 
broad audience while adopting a gentle way of storytelling. In addition, he 
also introduced Science and Technology Daily's goal of "One Database, Two Wings 
and Three Platforms" and using new technologies such as 5G to promote the 
in-depth integrated development of media.

Li Xudong, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology of 
Guangdong Province, pointed out that Guangdong province has been actively 
promoting the development of 5G industrial application. When the 5G era begins 
and gradually penetrates into all aspects and details of social life, we have 
every reason to believe that it will bring new changes to the media industry. 
Li said that this forum will surely provide tremendous impetus for promoting 
the integrated development of media all over China and accelerating the 
construction of new mainstream media.

Speaking of how to speed up in-depth media integration, Fang Zhenghui, Deputy 
Director of China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, said there are 
three key points to be emphasized: First, we need to embrace new technologies 
with a more open attitude; Second, we need to keep track of new technologies 
with a sharper perspective; Third, we also need to apply new technologies with 
a more inclusive mind.

In the keynote speech section, elites from well-known media, technology 
enterprises, academic field and industry at home and abroad conducted in-depth 
academic discussions or delivered keynote speeches on the application and 
development of the new round of 5G construction in media. 

The guests discussed a series of topics facing the future scientific research 
status: the contribution of 5G technology international cooperation to the 
development of human society; the prospect and challenges of 5G technology 
application in the media sector. Some guests also mentioned that we should 
promote the development of new media industry chains and the development of new 
media based on the combination of 5G with AI, VR, blockchain and other 

All guests exchanged views on promoting the application of 5G technology among 
media from home and abroad and make constructive advice on facilitating global 
promotion of 5G technology. 

They agreed that 5G will provide key technical support for the construction of 
an intelligent media communication system with all things being a media, 
human-computer symbiosis, and self-evolution. Its disruptive innovations in the 
media industry have initially appeared. 

Fang Hanting,Vice President of Science and Technology Daily, hosted the meeting.

He Concluded that in the 5G era, especially in the digital economy era, the 
media is the vane of society. From data-driven, intelligent connection, media 
think tank to scene-based immersion, pan-centralization, and then to ecological 
media, we can initially observe the subversive innovation of 5G technology in 
many aspects of the media industry. For example, with the deepening of data 
drive, the logical analysis behind the data will become a new field of data 
news, and some think tank, data, and expert data news producers will gradually 
become "event terminator."

Looking to the future, 5G technology will surely lead to changes in the media 
industry. 5G technology has brought about the trend that everything is a media. 
If each media wants to meet the requirements of the harmonious coexistence of 
multiple communication subjects (people and smart devices) in the new system, 
an ecological system must be constructed. This ecological system only has the 
chance to survive and develop in the 5G era when it meets the requirements of 
full media, holographic media, full media and full effect media.

Mr. Zhao Jianguo, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Guangming Daily, Mr. Zheng Bo, 
Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Economic Daily, Mr. Cui Baoguo, Professor at 
School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University, Ms. Li 
Qin,Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication of Renmin 
University of China, Ms. Qu Jing, Vice President of Huawei's Public Affairs and 
Communications Department, Ms. Hou Mingjuan, Vice President of Qualcomm, Mr. 
Zhang Jun,General Manager, Corporate Marketing and Public Relations, 
Tencent, Mr. Wu Junhua, Vice President of iFlytek Co., Ltd, and Mr. Savitskii 
Alexei, Advisor to the Editor-in-Chief of Sputnik News Agency attended keynote 
speech section.

source: Science and Technology Daily | IUSTC 

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   Caption: On the morning of November 25, "5G and Media Industry Change and 
Transformation Forum" of 2020 World 5G Convention was held in Guangzhou.