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Monday, November 30 2020 - 09:00
Kalkine Pty Limited To Launch its 'Australian Equity Technical Analysis Report'
SYDNEY, November 30, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    Kalkine Pty Limited is pleased to announce the launch of a new technical 
analysis-driven research product 'Technical Analysis Report'. This report aims 
to evaluate equity opportunities in consideration of sufficient risk-appetite 
and financial flexibility, and returns expected over a short timespan.

    What Should be an Appropriate Stock Picking Strategy? Should One Buy Now or 
Wait for Better Results or Lower Valuations? These are some of the vital 
questions looming in the mind of prudent investors!

   Stock markets often depend on the sentiments of market participants and the 
two prominent emotions include greed and fear. Evolving fundamentals and 
macroeconomic factors like GDP, socio-political stability, inflation, interest 
rates, etc. also influence stock prices. Technical analysis is one of the two 
main schools of market-analysis used to assess the price direction based on an 
identifiable price-pattern. 

    Over the past one-year, ASX All Ordinaries yielded a 0.77% return (till 
November 25, 2020, from Refinitiv); therefore, a technical analysis report 
developed after deep-research and backtesting by qualified experts might be 
helpful to benefit from price trends gauged. 

    Considering above, Kalkine's Technical Analysis Report Offers:

    1. Extensive Technical Research: This report is based on a thorough 
technical analysis using price action, support, resistance, candlestick 
patterns, relative strength index, moving averages, etc. 
    2. Swing Trading Opportunity:  By virtue of seizing short to medium-term 
gains, swing trading can provide an edge over fundamental analysis. 

    3. Insights on Leading Sectors: ASX-listed stocks from leading sectors 
including FinTech, Telecom, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, E-Commerce, etc. are 
covered to gain from trending themes. 

    4. High-Volume Stocks Coverage: Kalkine's report covers stocks with 
above-average volumes showcasing the decent returns potential as they are 
generally more liquid and help easy execution of trades. 

    5. Insights on Risk-Reward Scenario: Investors can weigh the prospective 
reward for the risks undertaken in light of an entry-level, target prices, and 
pre-defined stop-loss.

    In summary, Kalkine's Technical Analysis report (which is easy to 
comprehend with actionable insights) aims to cover stocks after an overall 
assessment of the global indices, taking cues from the major global news.

    Note: Trading decisions require a thorough analysis by investors while 
evaluating stocks. Kalkine's publications are NOT a solicitation/recommendation 
to buy, sell or hold stock(s) of company/companies or engage in any investment 
activity under discussion. 

    Company Name: Kalkine Pty Ltd.
    Media Contact: Ms. Honey Bhargava


    Source:Kalkine Solutions Pvt Ltd