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Tuesday, December 01 2020 - 00:01
Perfect World Group to Explore New Culture and Tourism Market Along the Grand Canal
SANYA, China, Nov. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

Perfect World Investment & Holding Group (Perfect World Group) vowed to empower 
the Grand Canal culture construction with "creative thinking."

The announcement was released on November 15 in Sanya City of South China's 
Hainan Province by the Beijing-based Chinese entertainment conglomerate with 
Jiangsu Cultural Investment at a conference on applying digital creativity on 
the Grand Canal culture construction.

Perfect World CEO Dr. Robert H. Xiao attended and addressed the conference by 
saying that "Combining creative thinking, Perfect World Group will dig in and 
enrich the cultural connotation of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in terms of 
IP development and operation, crossover empowerment via digitalization, and new 
cultural landmark forging." 

With consumption growing, industries are seeking new development involved in 
digitalization, hoping to build a more profound bond with consumers. In 2019, 
Perfect World Group first proposed the conception of empowering traditional 
industries with creative thinking, and improving the images of brands among 
consumers, especially among young consumers.

Perfect World Group has made many attempts in crossover cooperation in recent 
years, including developing an exclusive onboard game "Flight Attendance 
Simulation" for airborne travelers of Air China, and creating IPs for Dongsheng 
Technology Park in Zhongguancun to enhance communication of clients. In the 
culture and tourism sector, Perfect World Group reached an in-depth cooperation 
with a group of Chinese national intangible cultural heritages such as Nanjing 
Confucius Temple. In the National Day holiday, the company launched a carnival 
in Shanghai's Jinshan City Beach together with Jinshan district of Shanghai, 
which created a young and active atmosphere for tourists with trendy cultural 
icons such as movies, animation, and bands.

Against the backdrop that the culture and tourism industry has become a new 
economic growth point, exploring cultural connotation in other industries to 
fuel offline consumption is a new trend led by Perfect World Group, which will 
also help promote the Grand Canal Culture.

Dug 2,500 years ago, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal broke a number of world 
records and nurtured prosperous economy and culture along the two banks. With 
unique cultural resources and development potential, the Grand Canal was 
included on the World Heritage List in 2014.

In the digital era, the Grand Canal is facing a critical problem of how to 
carry forward its culture via modern technologies and creative contents, and 
how to forge popular brands, IPs, and new development patterns for culture and 
tourism industry. Perfect World Group vowed to integrate and apply high-quality 
cultural and IP resources from all parties and its rich experience in digital 
creativity to the Grand Canal culture construction. Together with other 
parties, Perfect World Group will facilitate the "new infrastructure" 
construction for digital culture and tourism industry along the Grand Canal, 
and inject vigor to China's culture and tourism industry. 

Among the eight provinces and municipals that the Grand Canal flows through, 
Jiangsu Province is not only located in a significant strategic position, but 
also leading the Grand Canal Culture construction across the nation. The 
strategic cooperation reached by Perfect World Group and Jiangsu Cultural 
Investment will bring a new vision for the Grand Canal Culture inheritance and 
IP development.

In the meantime, Perfect World Group is looking forward to joining hands with 
all provinces and cities along the Grand Canal to create a new ecosystem for 
the Grand Canal Culture. 

Based on innovative technology and creative content, Perfect World Group has 
explored a new market with its "creative thinking," which serves as an attempt 
to establish a complete ecosystem outside the existing business patterns.

SOURCE: Perfect World