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Tuesday, December 08 2020 - 21:38
Asian cross-border mobile payment platform Asianwallets seeks cooperation with more countries to establish payment sharing network
HONG KONG, Dec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Asianwallets, a cross-border payment brand under Oriental Payment Group (OPG) 
(HK.8613), is committed to building an Asia-wide "cross-border mobile payment 
sharing network". By joining the network, e-wallet companies can easily expand 
their business to more Asian countries, while acquirers can connect with local 
payment methods in multiple countries with one click, supporting merchants to 
use payment methods favored by customers.

Which countries and regions does Asianwallets support?

Asianwallets gained access to Singapore's SG QR and Thailand's Thai QR in 2019, 
and connected with Indonesia's QRIS system in 2020. It can provide its partners 
with bank and e-wallet payment channels in the three countries. Based on the 
overall establishment of OPG in the Asian market, Asianwallets can also 
directly deploy e-wallet payment to more than 10,000 offline cooperative brand 
stores in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Japan.

Asianwallets' Vision for the future

OPG Vice President Lesile Tham said: "Various Asian countries are planning to 
launch, or have already launched unified QR code standards. Mobile payment is 
developing at an amazing speed! Despite the rapid development, payment products 
are gravely homogeneous and severely deficient in competitiveness. Once the 
market is saturated, a brutal price war will follow! How to maintain the 
leading edge will be a challenge that all payment institutions must face."

Asianwallets is actively contacting e-wallet institutions in Japan, South 
Korea, India and other countries, hoping to build a "cross-border mobile 
payment network covering all of Asia" with partners based on its own market and 
technology. By sharing payment channels, merchant resources and system 
technologies, the network aims to solve the institutions' development problems, 
enhance brand influence in local markets, and promote the development of mobile 
payment services in Asia.

SOURCE: Asianwallets