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Thursday, December 10 2020 - 17:00
41st Honda Prize Awarded to Dr. Henning Kagermann, Chair of Board of Trustees, National Academy of Science and Engineering (Germany), for His Work on Industrie 4.0
TOKYO, Dec. 10, 2020 /Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet/ --

The Honda Foundation (established by Honda Motor Co. founder Soichiro Honda and 
younger brother Benjiro) held an award ceremony for the 41st Honda Prize on 
November 17, 2020, where Dr. Henning Kagermann, Chair of the Board of Trustees, 
National Academy of Science and Engineering (Germany), was awarded the Honda 
Prize 2020. The award ceremony, held online for the first time due to the 
COVID-19 pandemic, was broadcast to Japan, Germany and other countries.



In his opening address, Hiroto Ishida, President of the Honda Foundation, said, 
"It is a great pleasure to award the Honda Prize 2020 to Dr. Kagermann. The 
Industrie 4.0 initiative he proposes foresaw the turmoil and tragedy that 
unilateral technological advances could bring to society, and provided a path 
for people to respond appropriately. Dr. Kagermann's great achievements are in 
keeping with the spirit of the Honda Prize and this has led to our awarding him 
this prize."

Following these remarks, Dr. Hirohisa Uchida, vice chairman of the Honda Prize 
selection committee, explained: "In the selection process, we focused on the 
kind of challenges made and how the results have contributed to the lives of 
people around the world. The goal of Industrie 4.0 is to use data to digitize 
the true nature of industry, increasing transparency, predictability and 
autonomy to optimize flexibility and agility not only in the manufacturing 
industry but in all industries. By doing so, it presents one way of thinking 
that aims to realize a better ecosystem that includes our own existence. These 
efforts are notable achievements worthy of the Honda Prize." 

Graciously accepting the certificate and medal, Dr. Kagermann said, "It is a 
great honor for me to receive the Honda Prize and above all I take it as a 
recognition of the successful work of all the experts who are part of 
establishing a common vision of Industrie 4.0 and also for those who are 
turning Industrie 4.0 into reality. The motivation behind Industrie 4.0 is the 
need for a more resilient and sustainable society. A society that can absorb 
shocks from unexpected crises like the economic crisis of 2009 and the current 
pandemic is smoother, less volatile and more frictionless. We also want to be 
in a position to combine the recovery phase with the chance of transformation 
and societal progress. Technology has a potential to solve a range of societal 
and economic challenges but it can cause issues in particular if you move from 
automated systems with predefined outcomes to self-learning and 
self-determining systems like those we need for the success of industry 4.0. 
Resolving issues caused by technology and economic growth is a central part of 
the mission of the Honda Foundation. I would like to thank the selection 
committee, and the Honda Foundation, as well as all of my colleagues who helped 
establish Industrie 4.0 as a common vision and all the friends and colleagues 
of the acatech community."

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