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Thursday, December 10 2020 - 19:16
Yili unveils the K-12 Campus Safety Evaluation Indicator System
BEIJING, Dec. 10, 2020 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

- This year marks the eighth anniversary of Yili's major CSR project, "Yili's 

- Through the initiative, Yili has grown to become a strong protector of 
children's safety

Yili, one of the top five global dairy producers, held a ceremony commemorating 
the eighth anniversary of its CSR project "Yili's Ark". At the press 
conference, the K-12 Campus Safety Evaluation Indicator System ("Yili's Campus 
Safety Dashboard" or the "Dashboard") was officially released. Dedicated to 
strengthening campus safety at primary and junior high schools in China, the 
system can effectively guide schools and teachers in detecting campus hazards 
through scientific approaches. Based on the system, Yili hopes to join hands 
with all stakeholders to make "Yili's Ark" an even stronger protector of 

Supporting safe growth and development with one Dashboard

Yili's Campus Safety Dashboard is a present from "Yili's Ark" to China's 
schools, children, and wider society to help ensure the safe growth and 
development of children. The evaluation is based on 10 key indicators, 
including the environment around the campus, the physical and mental health of 
teachers and students, public health and food security on campus, emergency 
responses, and more, providing guidance on potential safety hazards, 
countermeasures, and prevention education. The evaluation results are displayed 
in the form of "radar charts" to help schools easily evaluate the overall 
situation of campus safety.

In the context of the pandemic, the Dashboard has added special measures to 
respond to major outbreaks, provide online lessons about safety, support the 
psychological wellbeing of teachers and students after an extended campus 
closure, protect personal information about teachers and students, ensure the 
hygiene and safety of school toilets, provide special fire safety equipment, 
and so forth.

"The Dashboard takes into full account the opinions of experts and scholars and 
has been gradually improved based upon the new environment and feedback from 
schools where the project has been implemented. I hope that the Dashboard can 
become a manual for campus safety work and a guideline for schools to readily 
spot safety hazards, thereby benefiting even more primary and junior high 
schools and their students," said Ma Jing, deputy secretary general of the 
Western China Human Resources Development Foundation.

Safeguarding children through eight years of deep experience

The "Yili's Ark" CSR project was developed as early as eight years ago in 2012. 
Jointly initiated by Yili Group and the Western China Human Resources 
Development Foundation, the public welfare project focuses on ensuring 
children's safety and "safeguarding children with respect and expertise," 
according to Pan Gang, Chairman and president of Yili.

For eight years, the "Yili's Ark" project, always adhering to the principle of 
"make your dreams come true, with safe growth put first," has made continuous 
efforts towards establishing a widely applicable and sustainable model for 
children's safety. To date, the "Yili's Ark" project has been introduced in 
over 500 schools in 40 districts, counties, and cities from 25 provinces across 
China and has trained more than 300 primary school teachers and campus safety 
managers, benefiting more than 300,000 children in total.

Through eight years of exploration and practice, the "Yili's Ark" child safety 
public welfare project has succeeded in establishing a unique and mature 
system, bringing together schools and trainers with parents and their children. 
In the future, Yili will continue to uphold the public welfare concept of 
"safeguarding children with respect and expertise," further promote the spirit 
of "Yili's Ark," care for the healthy growth and development of younger 
generations, and share the benefits of health with the entire world.

Source: Yili Group

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   Caption: Yili released the K-12 Campus Safety Evaluation Indicator System at 
the ceremony.