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Thursday, December 10 2020 - 01:24
Shanghai Transport Hub Installs 1,800 sq.m. of Absen LEDs
SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

A total of 1,800m² of Absen (SZSE: 300389) LEDs have been installed in the OXO 
City area of Shanghai Hongqiao airport.

The centrepiece of this ambitious project is a gigantic 700m² videowall at the 
airport's exit, which welcomes travellers and visitors into the adjacent 
shopping environment featuring a further 40 screens arranged into eight cubes, 
all of which are used to display the same vivid, cyberpunk-inspired 3D video 

OXO City – connected to Hongqiao International Airport's T2 in the east and 
Hongqiao Railway Station in the west – also serves as the transfer station of 
Line 2, 10, 17 of the city's metro, giving it an average daily passenger flow 
of over 500,000 people.

After winning the project, the client installation team decided that the high 
brightness, colour uniformity, and flexible configuration of Absen's new KL 
series made it the ideal fit for such a high-profile installation.

"The sheer size of the screens calls for displays with exceptional flatness," 
said Absen sales manager Ying Chen. "The content played on the screen is very 
immersive – especially the 3D portions – so the LED panels had to be flawless 
and offer outstanding image quality."

Absen's KL is a front and rear installation and maintenance product with a 
depth of 70mm and weighing at 7.8kg per panel. KL is an all-in-one product, 
with PSU (power supply units), cables, receiving cards and the other key 
components inside, which makes both installation and maintenance of the panels 
as easy as possible for end users.

"Building such a gigantic fixed indoor LED display in such as central place 
with a heavy passenger flow is challenging," said Chen. "OXO City has very 
strict regulations and restrictions, so the project had its share of 
challenges. During the actual installation process, for example, Absen's team 
of engineers had to work together with experts and technicians from different 
institutions involved in this project, making a number of adjustments in the 

Terry Zhu, the product director for Absen, concluded: "The giant LED display is 
becoming more and more important in the infrastructure of the biggest cities in 
China and the rest of the world. With 19 years of devotion to this industry, 
Absen has a wealth of experience in these high-end projects, as well as the 
confidence to fulfil every requirement our customers have."


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   Caption: Shanghai Transport Hub Installs 1,800m² of Absen LEDs