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Wednesday, December 23 2020 - 06:39
Irish Technology deployed in South Africa as part of International Music Events re-opening
DUBLIN, Dec. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Irish-based Health Passport Europe has partnered with Big Concerts and The 
Entertainment Group to safely re-open the events industry in South Africa, 
using latest developments in rapid COVID-19 testing and the secure Health 
Passport Europe mobile technology.

The live event RECHARGE 2020 took place on December 21st in Cape Town, South 
Africa, at the Grand Cafe & Beach venue, with multiple live acts and DJs. The 
event passed off safely to represent an important stepping-stone towards a 
wider reopening of live events in 2021.

The platform, which efficiently supports COVID-19 vaccinations and testing, is 
set to be deployed at events in Italy and Portugal, where the system can be 
used to safely re-open the tourist sector.

How Health Passport Europe Works

Ahead of the RECHARGE 2020 event, all attendees including staff were required 
to download and set up the Health Passport Europe mobile app for free. On the 
day of the event, everyone was tested for COVID-19 before entering, using 
latest rapid antigen tests that are already validated for use in South Africa.

All staff, performers and guests were tested before the event. Multiple 
positive detections were successfully made during pre-testing. Anyone who 
tested positive was not permitted onto the event site but was given 
professional medical advice.

Within 20 minutes of testing, the results are updated privately and securely to 
the person's Health Passport Europe app. At entry, security staff were able to 
quickly scan the person's ticket and the person's Health Passport Europe app, 
and only those with a negative COVID-19 test were allowed into the venue, 
ensuring the lowest levels of transmission risk for all. COVID-19 health 
guidelines were also followed by all within the event site.

People who presented for pre-testing who had COVID-19 symptoms were not tested 
but instead advised to follow national health guidelines.

Justin Van Wyk, CEO of Big Concerts said: "This was an important moment for the 
events industry which has been devastated by the pandemic. Using the Health 
Passport Europe platform allowed this event to proceed with the highest levels 
of risk mitigation, demonstrating the way forward for live events globally. The 
system allowed us to offer pre- and post-event testing for maximum reassurance, 
protecting attendees, performers and everyone connected with the event."

Robert Quirke, founder of Health Passport Europe, said: "Our team is excited 
and humbled to have worked on this project for Cape Town and to have 
contributed to the safe reopening of international entertainment and tourism. 
The secure technology is engineered to work with all official COVID-19 tests 
and vaccinations. Many thousands of people are already using the mobile system 
and it is helping industries to return."

The Health Passport Europe platform has been adopted by many leading medical 
and pharmacy organisations that are providing COVID-19 testing services. The 
technology has passed all trials and development, having been extensively 
tested across a range of industries including healthcare, logistics, 
hospitality, education, and nursing homes, as well as a trial at Dublin Airport.

The process has already been engineered to safely test over 100,000 people 
within 10 hours, with the results, travel certificates or vaccination documents 
immediately uploaded within the person's app.

The Health Passport Europe [] system has 
been engineered as a secure system for people to store and display their 
official COVID-19 vaccination or test status. It is a common international 
platform for all industries and the public.

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