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Wednesday, December 30 2020 - 04:55
LESS_ continues to grow and prepares for the next round of financing
WROCLAW, Poland, Dec. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

700,000 users across the world have joined the LESS_ [], an 
internet platform for selling second-hand clothes and accessories that operates 
from Poland. The app was launched in June 2019 and six months later it obtained 
EUR 4 million in the seed round. Now, LESS_ is preparing for the next round of 
financing which will be allocated to expand into markets of Eastern and 
Southern Europe. The application fits in the most significant global consumer 
trends creating opportunities for investors. 

The rapid pace of development of LESS_ as well as the social usefulness of the 
adopted business model was appreciated by MyCompany business magazine and 
recognized as the Polish start-up of 2020. Mateusz Oleksiuk, CEO, explains: 
"LESS_ was born because we saw a need to create a space for conscious fashion 
lovers. Together we change the approach to shopping by giving the opportunity 
to enjoy life in the vein of minimalism. We educate and inspire to change. We 
promote a conscious view of consumption. In our opinion, fashion and minimalism 
can go together. It is one of the strongest global trends and we already are on 
it building our global advantage for our investors. The growth of e-commerce 
during the pandemic is also a global trend and this trend boosts the rise of 
e-commerce initiatives." 

The platform provides access to thousands of virtual wardrobes owned, among 
others, by celebrities, influencers, athletes and singers, who easily offer 
their fans access to their idols' items. One of LESS_'s account holders is 
Robert Lewandowski, the best footballer in the world 2020 according to FIFA, 
who is also an investor in the company that is the platform's operator.  In 
addition to the Bayern Munich player, the shareholder structure also includes 
strongly experienced investors. Krzysztof Pawinski is the president and owner 
of the Maspex Group, the largest food company in Central and Eastern Europe, 
Dawid Urban, a valued business-angel, co-founder and COO of LESS_, Eryk 
Stankunowicz, long-time editor of the Polish edition of Forbes, Cezary 
Pietrasik, ex CEE director at the London private equity Warburg Pinkus, and 
also the founders of Allegro, the largest e-commerce platform in this region of 

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