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Monday, January 18 2021 - 06:43
Caballus Mining Chosen as Panguna Landowners' Partner
PANGUNA, Papua New Guinea, Jan 18, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --


As we welcome the start of 2021 with open arms, on behalf of the Panguna 
Tanku'urang Chiefs, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the previous 
and current ABG and PNG governments for their ongoing support. We look forward 
to continuing to work closely with them in a transparent and respectful manner 
in order to succeed in our common goals.

Today, we are very happy and honoured to announce that we have chosen Jeff 
McGlinn and Caballus Mining, based in Perth Western Australia to be our partner 
in re-opening Panguna Mine and as a direct result, rebuild Bougainville for all 

As part of the due diligence process, the ABG having spent 5 separate occasions 
meeting with government officials and large corporations in Australia. It was 
only after this, that Jeff accepted the ABG's invitation for him to travel to 

At the recommendation of the ABG, the Panguna Tangku'urang Chiefs performed our 
own due diligence instead on Jeff and sent our former Chairman, Edwin Moses to 
Perth to spend three weeks with Jeff in Perth. Whilst in Perth, Jeff arranged 
for a meet and greet with the Deputy Prime Minister and Attorney General of 
Australia, Mayor of the Shire of Swan, took him to meet one of Australia's 
largest engineering companies, Calibre Group and various other businesses that 
would in future benefit Bougainville.

Edwin returned back to Bougainville and advised the Panguna Tangku'urang Chiefs 
that he agreed with the ABG, that Jeff and Caballus would indeed make the 
perfect partner. The ABG had already chosen Caballus as their partner, however 
were just awaiting for Panguna Tangku'urang Chiefs to perform their own due 

Jeff McGlinn is an entrepreneur who brings with him over 4 decades of expertise 
in a wide range of industries globally. He was the Founding Partner and 
Managing Director of one of Australia's largest and most successful ASX listed 
mining construction contractors, NRW Holdings (NWH). He has a proven track 
record in bringing exceptional value into any business he is involved in and 
has a wealth of knowledge and business acumen, with a passion in working 
alongside Indigenous people around the world.

With Jeff by our side, working with us, encouraging us and negotiating the best 
opportunities for us, we know we will be able to take that first step towards 
economic recovery and financial independence.

Panguna Tangku'urang Chiefs believe and trust that share benefits are equally 
distributed amongst all major clans (especially Barapang, Kurabang and 
Bakoringku clan). Late Francis Ona explained in many of his statements that 
economy recovery would come from the Mine Pit Area and surrounding areas, and 
that it would benefit all Bougainvilleans. It is only fitting that the Panguna 
Tangku'urang Chiefs answer the call to make his dreams and visions on his 
economic foundation a reality. 

Panguna Tangku'urang Chiefs strongly believe that once operation begins, all 
other business opportunities, job creations and investments will open up, and 
it is hoped that Arawa town be resurrected to its fitting glory. 

Panguna Tangku'urang Chiefs welcome any new ideas or suggestions for turning 
our vision of economic recovery of our young nation into a reality.

Thank you, and may God be with you always and bless you abundantly.

Panguna Tangku'urang Chairman and Spokesperson

Panguna Tangku'urang Chiefs, PO Box 195, Arawa, Autonomous Region of 
Bougainville,Papua New Guinea, E:
SOURCE: Pangunga Tangku'urang