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Tuesday, January 19 2021 - 01:05
Chinese and Malaysian Media and Think Tanks Discuss Sci-Tech Cooperation to Empower the Future
BEIJING, Jan. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

A report from Science and Technology Daily | IUSTC:

Sponsored by China International Publishing Group, Malaysia-China Friendship 
Association and Science and Technology Daily, and organized by China Report 
Press, the "Technology Empowering the Future: China-Malaysia Think Tank and 
Media Cooperation Forum" was held on January 15, 2021.

Representatives from Chinese and Malaysian media, think tanks and sci-tech 
enterprises conducted in-depth discussions on "Empowering the Future through 
Technology—New Prospects for Digital Cooperation between Think Media in the 5G 

Chen Shi, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of CIPG and President of China Report 
Press, indicated that the "fourth industrial revolution" represented by 5G and 
other digital technologies had provided a new approach to resolving and 
responding to global development issues and challenges. Currently, sci-tech 
cooperation has been an international trend. In face of complicated and 
changeable forms of international communication, the digital collaboration 
between Chinese and Malaysian think tanks and media possesses broad prospects. 
Both parties should actively integrate into the global innovation network and 
promote scientific and technological development through open cooperation.

"Technology, which is the theme of our deliberation today, is another emerging 
sector of our bilateral cooperation and this includes the cooperation on 
5G...Our two countries have extended cooperation, support and assistance to 
each other to mitigate the effects of this pandemic," said Dato' Abdul Majid 
Ahmad Khan, President of Malaysia-China Friendship Association. He expressed 
that under the influence of the epidemic, Malaysia is accelerating emerging 
technologies in the industry and advancing its national digital strategy. "It 
is said that digital transformation is like a machine with data as its fuel and 
5G as its digital fabric...5G will change the landscape of media and 
entertainment in the next decade." In his view, China's experience in the 
application of advanced new technologies such as short video, live streaming 
sales, online games, and other forms of entertainment tactics have yielded 
great results during the crisis. These experiences have also made important 
reference value to Malaysia. He expected the media and think tanks of China and 
Malaysia to strengthen digital cooperation in the 5G era.

Fang Hanting, Vice President of Science and Technology Daily, expressed his 
views on the forum. He claimed that it is of great significance for China and 
Malaysia to discuss the prospects of smart media digital cooperation in the 5G 
era. 5G is an epoch-making information transmission and connection technology, 
which has affected the development of the entire media industry, especially the 
intellectualized media industry. In the era of intellectualized media, 5G 
technology will accelerate the data-driven, intelligent connection and think 
tank of media, promote the construction of scene-oriented immersion, 
pan-centralization and ecological construction of media, provide a powerful 
supporting force for the innovation and development of the media industry, and 
enhance the reconstruction of everything as a medium in many aspects. China and 
Malaysia should seize the opportunity and jointly explore new prospects for 
think tank media cooperation.

During the forum discussion, representatives from several media and enterprises 
conducted discussions on three topics: "Application of Digital Technology in 
the Field of International Communication", "Media Development Trends in the 5G 
Era" and "Media Think Tanks Promoting China-Malaysia Technical Cooperation". 

After discussion, it is widely thought that digital technologies such as 5G are 
reconstructing the industrial structure of science and Technology and leading 
media industry changes. Media, think tanks, and technology enterprises of China 
and Malaysia should seize opportunities for cooperation, strengthen cooperation 
and exchanges, promote the construction of digital information platforms and 
the cooperation of digital information, and enhance media integration to expand 
media influences, thus bringing practical collaboration between the two 

SOURCE: Science and Technology Daily | IUSTC