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Wednesday, January 20 2021 - 01:43
La Liste, the world's best restaurant selection, reveals special awards for 2021 recognizing commitment, resilience and innovation across the global gastronomy sector
PARIS, Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

La Liste is also publishing the first edition of Gastronomy Observer 
(free download at 

The year 2021 kicks off with two initiatives which respond to the pandemic for 
La Liste, a prominent restaurant finder and worldwide classification since 
2015. In solidarity with chefs and restaurants around the world, La Liste has 
canceled its annual ranking and today reveals a set of new special awards and 
an in-depth new publication, Gastronomy Observer, which draws on the guide's 
unmatched database to unearth emerging insights and innovations across our 
global food culture. 

La Liste is best known for publishing its annual top 1,000 best restaurants in 
the world, powered by the almost 900 sources which feed its algorithm. Guy 
Savoy, Paris, Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin, New York, Seiji Yamamoto, Ryugin, 
Tokyo and Yosuke Suga, Sugalabo, Tokyo, retain their Number 1 position on La 
Liste Top 1,000 for another year. 

10 Special Awards recognize 30 chefs, restaurants or concepts from 18 
countries, all of them perfect examples of innovating, "pivoting" to feed our 
new culinary appetites and shaping tomorrow's gastronomy.

- Ghanaian chef Selassie Atadika, a trailblazer for "New African" cuisines, 
receives the New Destination Champion Award sponsored by Moet Hennessy. French 
selection is French Flanders lead by Florent Ladeyn, Auberge Vert-Mont; 
- Spain's Dabiz Munoz wins the Innovation Award sponsored by Rungis 
International Market, for his GoXo fast-casual delivery empire. French 
selection is Olivier Nasti for his numerous initiatives from food truck to 
drive-in and takeaway menus with famous chefs;
- Mashama Bailey, the breakout star of Southern cooking from Georgia and 
diversity ambassador, US, takes home the Game Changer Award – Inclusivity
- Digital Influencer Award:  Simone Zanoni, Italian chef of Le George at Four 
Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, and his family digital success, Casa Zanoni;
- Ethical and Sustainability Award, sponsored by Accor Live Limitless: Matt 
Orlando from zero-waste Amass restaurant, Copenhagen. France selection is Nadia 
Sammut from Auberge La Fenière;
- Community Spirit Award: the Covid-19 Playbook from Hong Kong Black Sheep 
Restaurants. French selection is Chefs for Caregivers lead by Elysee palace 
head chef Guillaume Gomez and Stephane Mejanes;
- Talents of the Year, sponsored by Moet Hennessy: Peruvian Francesca 
Ferreyros, French Mory Sacko, Italian Antonio Bueno, British Daniel Smith and 
Philippine Josh Boutwood;
- Openings of the Year: CocoCouture in St Petersburg, Kol in London, Euphoria 
by Jason Tan in Singapore and Ever in Chicago;
- Hidden Gem Awards: La Femme du Boucher in Marseille, France, Nur in Fez, 
Morocco, Koks in the Faroe Islands, Le Cafe Suisse in Switzerland, Langouste in 
Serbia, Willows Inn on Lummi Island, US, D'Berto in Spain, 102 House in Foshan, 
- Artisan and Authenticity Award: French Ferme de la Ruchotte, Japanese Masashi 
Yamada and Mexican Las Quince Letras.
Gastronomy Observer tells the story of a tumultuous year through the restaurant 
finder's database as well as academic studies, journalism and interviews. It 
illustrates and praises the great efforts of restaurateurs to feed others while 
developing new ways to survive amid multiple lockdowns. But it doesn't shy away 
from the dark side of the industry, and also covers abusive kitchen culture, 
hospitality's diversity problem, and #MeToo in restaurants.

Helene Pietrini, newly appointed managing director of La Liste, says: "Despite 
repeated closures and low morale, the restaurant sector never gives up. La 
Liste wants to be the catalyst to support restaurants' recovery by recognizing 
exceptional individuals who stand up to the crisis and shape the future of 

La Liste powerful app is able to locate more than 25,000 restaurants in 200 
countries, more than any other restaurant guide. Download our app for free 
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